Define Work

Why am I trying to define work? I am observing Rosh Hashanah & the beginning and end, Yom Kippur God said we must observe “complete rest” no work/servitude, as it is a sacred occasion. That got me thinking, what exactly classifies as work? Below are dictionary definitions:

a. activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result. b. a task or tasks to be undertaken and completed.

In the Bible it refers to it being much the same as the Sabbath, the 7th day of the week, Saturday. A day of Rest, time with God, family, and to give your mind, body and spirit a rest. Did you notice however, in this occasion it says must observe complete rest. I am going to dig deeper into what that is exactly so more to come on this subject. For now though I can assure you resting from work includes house cleaning, yard work, and so on. So I decided to do just that. Focus totally on my time with God in His Word, watching Faith based programs, Praying, and RESTING! I ended up laughing at myself as it was much more difficult than I expected. I realized I fit in all sorts of “tasks” normally during my Sabbath day of rest. I had to really pay attention to not throw in a load of laundry, step outside to sweep the driveway, pull weeds, & etc. I had to ask myself, “Why haven’t you thought of those things as work before now?” The only answer I came up with was: since it is not “working for my employer”, I wasn’t really thinking of it as work. Shame on me! cause the more I thought about it, I remembered saying in the past, “Housewives don’t get the credit they deserve and should be paid as all the things they do to maintain the house and Family are work for sure and they do exhaust you by the end of the day. I guess somehow I didn’t include myself into that comment. Also, I am pretty hyper so when even on my Sabbath day, I find all sorts of “small tasks” just walking around in my own home. Like, oh maybe I should clean out the fridge, wash the baseboards, trim the hedges, and so on.

So I can safely say in my 1st two days of Rosh Hashanah I learned what “Complete Rest” means & now I must repent for my lack of being observant and listening God. There is a reason He said to follow Him in this. We Need it! Think: God took a day of rest after working (creating) so how much more should it be necessary for us? I must say, it did make for an entirely different two days and I am so thankful. God revealed some new things in His Word, I had some time with a neighbor that ended up in discussion about Faith, and I got to feel what it feels like to really be Rested! I fully understand now how in God’s Plan it is so important to have times of REST.


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