Vote or Not to Vote

In my opinion, this year’s Presidental race sure seems to raise the question, “Does my Vote really count?” Not to mention of the choices, including the Independent Runner, what if you don’t feel equally yoked with any of them? I don’t have answers to these questions. I am posting only to say, “this is truly a decision that is Yours and yours alone.”

Talk about rights to free choice, this is a big one. It is no one’s place to bully you, & try to make you feel guilty about whatever/whoever your choice is. As an individual, I can say my mind is unable to comprehend why some people are supporting the person they are supporting. While listening to & discussing many views and comments with some of my family and friends, I realized this is one of those areas that I really should listen to God and remember, ” it’s not my place to judge”. All elections result in passionate conversations however, this election it’s beyond passionate for many, it’s down right Heated! Not only about the candidates but, about the Right to Vote & believing we All Must vote. In one of those conversations, I heard the Holy Spirit say, it is just like choosing to Believe in Me or Not, it’s personal. How about you choose better things to talk about & stay out of these conversations. hmmmm . That struck a cord for sure. I have always been a strong believer as an adult that “we should have the right to make our own choices in life.” After all, You are the one that has to live with Your decision. You are the one that should look at the big picture and the facts, to the best of your ability anyway, then make your decision. The Holy Spirit’s wisdom really hit me then & all I heard was my own voice saying, “practice what you preach, Renee“, listen to God & leave this subject out of your conversations. Yep, it’s just too personal, I now fully understand why in the actual act of voting, it is in a private booth or by mail. So you can go in your private “closet”, so to speak, and make your choice.

Bottom line: Your choices are Yours. And if you are a believer, your choices are between You & God.

So, as you are making your decisions in these two very important and personal areas of life ” Vote or Not to Vote, believe in God or Not” just remember:

Life is “all about choices” & those choices are yours & yours alone.

Be Blessed & be Safe.

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