In a Bit of a Funk…

Hi. So who else is in a bit of a Funk with all that’s going on? I know I am having my up & down days. I can’t stand watching the news anymore. I do of course but, I am down to Once a week. Especially since I had to cancel all 3 of my trips I had planned for over a year. Yes, I guess I am a bit whiny too. And it sure has put me in a writing slump. I tell myself, ” this is when you should be posting and encouraging others. You just stop that whining, you are Blessed with a nice home, backyard, your health, and more than enough Work. That alone should lift you up, look at all those Unemployed” Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful for all this and more. I tell God daily “Thank You! & am forever apologizing for whining like a spoiled child”

Yet, I can’t lie either, my emotions are in there and some days they just aren’t listening to my prayers or what I or God have to say to them. I miss my family and friends. I think because I had been planning and so looking forward to my trips for so long, it was more of a let down than I wanted to admit. So when I am not keeping busy with work and such those darn emotions surface and talk to much. LOL I do pick myself up thru the week and have good intentions on my Saturdays to post some positive, encouraging, and helpful tips. I do encourage others on the phone and in a few emails on and off. And I start off energized on Fridays & Saturdays doing my household chores & gardening then as I work I get to thinking about how I miss everyone, how I should have been in California most of June with my family and friends celebrating Graduations, Birthdays, and just being home in California. And before I get to low God comes thru. He will send someone or something to lift me out of my blues. I press on down my list of to do’s and by afternoon I am tired and just want to go read, listen to music, watch Netflix or sleep…not write a post. As I am writing this post, I do see I need to shift my To Do list and post 1st thing on Saturday or Sunday Before I get to far gone in all the rest of the stuff and my mind has time to start it’s chatter. LOL It’s a vicious cycle really I think when I am working away at my job, “this isolation time is perfect for writing, snap out of it and this weekend WRITE!” I listen my fav Wayne Dyer before I go to bed…especially ” Excuses Be Gone” & “Making the Shift” oh and ” I Can Do It!” There are other various other things I listen to. Things to lift me up so I can do my part in loving and lifting my neighbor too. Like the wise words in this video: . And there are all kinds of great bedtime prayers to music to comfort you as you go to sleep. And of course, I go to the Word for encouragement and even make notes that I can use in my posts. I am prepped! LOL I just don’t make my way to posting.

What is my point in this post? Well, a couple of things. I apologize for my isolating even online. I am seeing isolating even more is not doing me or my neighbor any good at all. I am in hopes my being real adds me to your prayer list asking that I can rise up out of my blahs, my writing slump, & shut down the chatter of emotions and that if you are feeling the same way, Know you/we are not alone. Feel free to comment and I will add you to my prayers too.

On that note: The Good out of all this: God is showing me some things about myself, & what areas I need to work on within my inner garden. And boy I just don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have His Word, the Angels He sends my way, & the loving comfort of my BFF, Yeshua (Jesus).


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