Wearin’ me out!

While I understand the need of masks, gloves, and social distancing, I would be a lie if I said this isn’t wearin’ me out some days. The masks get hot! Hats off to all the workers who have to wear them all day! Seriously, My prayers and gratefulness is with you. I am used to wearin’ gloves actually, as I live in a state with seasons so been wearing gloves all winter and I wear support computer gloves. I did have to laugh when I went to Home Depot today and what did I forget, my GLOVES! No worries, I keep a spray bottle of Simple Green in my car with wipes. The social distancing isn’t too tough as so much is still closed, we have no droves of tourists. The walk at the Falls was beautiful and so peaceful this morning. So nope now that I am talking about it, that doesn’t wear me out.

Here is the part that’s getting to me, so many of the things I enjoy are still closed. I do enjoy eating out in a nice restaurant and I miss my museums, street faires, the NAACC Meditation group, and most of all my BOOK STORE! Yes, I can still buy books from there but that is Not the same as hanging out browsing thru all the used books, 3 stories full of rooms of books. And he was having life music in a great room on 3rd floor before all this. Yes, I am going thru bookstore withdrawals! Which is kinda silly now that I said it, because of course I have lots of books at home and some I haven’t even read. The other reason I know it is getting to me is I already worked from home and I spend November to April mostly indoors due to cold winters. So to have my “stay home” extend to summer is tough. Ok, now that I have that off my chest, let me say; this has also made me so appreciate all those creature comforts that we have all taken for granted in the past. I am grateful for my health and that I do work from home and was already accustomed to it. I am grateful my family and friends are doing well and God has kept us, for the most part, all employed. I am grateful for my Sunday night Bible study conference call and the online Meditation that my group keeps up. And I am Oh so grateful for the huge National Park, river, and Falls that we are allowed to go hiking around in, and most of all my home and private backyard so I can get out and enjoy summer now that the weather is nice.

So, while it is “wearin’ me out” on somedays; I am not worn out. LOL In my walk today the Spirit reminded me, ” You are Blessed and remember it is how you “Choose” to process it all that drives how you are “feeling”. So stop your grumbling and just be Grateful ! And that I AM!


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