Does water have Feelings?

Morning. The remainder of our fasting period, we will continue to focus on awareness of our Oneness with God, the Earth, the Universe and One Another. Ya know All Living things have Feelings, not just humans. It has been proven water which covers approximately 70% of earth and of which is 60-80% of the human body has Feelings! Throughout this post I have added sites and videos that I pray bring awareness and bring the same questions they did to me:  Do I walk around selfishly taking water for granted? When is the last time I even thought about how much we need water for our bodies to LIVE? What am I doing to help in keeping our water resources clean? After all, How we respect the water resources affects what’s going into our bodies?   Ya know I like to share things that hopefully peak your interest into seeking more knowledge and pray you will participate in my suggestions. On that note this is a lady with a series of videos testing and showing how water does have feelings and responds to even the Written Word. This is the 1st one and here’s where you will need to participate and do a search to see them all. Have fun and do some testing yourself! This would be a fun project with kids too not only teaching them about Words affects on one another but, even on WATER!    

For more written details read:  And for sure watch his Video:

On a very current note proof of our abuse on our water supply has surfaced in how our water is responding to our isolating and giving it a break from mankind.  If you go to You Tube and type in Clearer water cleaner air and a few videos come up showing how the water is clearing up and the silver lining of our isolation these last few weeks. A big  drop in pollution…Just in this short time!  Yes, we can bring change quickly.

Here is a article with more details.

What’s sad is the comment in this video “as we get back out it is likely this will just go back up.”  But, it Doesn’t have to! WE the People can Choose to change some selfish lifestyle habits and give some Respect to our Earth and Environment maintaining some of the positive effects of our giving Earth a break.  # 1 Take it seriously that we Must Save the Earth to Save ourselves!

Once you finish this post and watch these and whatever videos you look up,  I ask what do you want, Beautiful pure water or angry dark water?

I leave with this prayer:  May all who read, watch, seek, and participate in this post gain wisdom, grow in awareness of the Truth in all that is posted, and Choose to walk in Love not only for themselves and their neighbors but, for the Earth/Universe that sustains us. In the name of Yeshua. Amen.     





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