Everyone needs Love, right?

In this time and season we are hearing, “What the world needs now is Love.”  I so agree. What does that mean? What is Love? Is Love all Light and goodness? You would think so. However, Love can and does “sometimes” have a dark side. So let’s talk about Love a little. Yeshua (Jesus) tells us the most important of commandments is: “ First, You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind; and the 2nd is love your neighbor as yourself.” You would think that should be simple. But, thanks to man, Love is very complex. Why? Because mankind as a whole doesn’t walk in they ways of our Lord’s love and has, like in everything else in life, often misinterprets & misconstrues Love. This is why it’s so important that you seek God 1st and allow Him to reveal what Love really is & how to walk in it. You see Love comes in many forms. The Main ones being the THREE types of Love in the Bible: Eros, Philos, & Agape. I have listed 3 websites at the end on Love in hopes the reader will want to dig deeper and read more. I liked these sites so these are the ones I share and of course if you google it, there are more. smile

Today, I am addressing Philos Love – it’s the love we as God’s people are called to walk in toward one another/ toward all mankind.  It is the Light of this Love you should be able to share with your neighbor. Unfortunately, this form of Love is the one I believe can most easily take a dark side. It is the easiest form for someone to take out of context and decided its more or that they want it to be more, whether you do or not. What that person needs to realize is that only pushes the intended receiver away. This is sad because in this behavior love gets lost entirely and becomes ugly for both parties.  A young woman said to me once; Beauty is a Pain. She meant that both physically and spiritually. Being beautiful inside and out she all too often experiences many – men especially – who take her kindness, her light of love, and her God given natural beauty either as a sign of weakness to use and abuse or they distort it into a lust driven quote “love” within their minds. One example is when a man allows their lust, desires, or maybe “need” due to a lack of love to run rampant in their imaginations. They turn kindness into the potential of a relationship. Even though that was in No way insinuated or even hinted at by the woman.  Her intention was just walking in the Philos love God calls her to share in her day to day walk. Philos love is basically loving someone like your sister or brother. It’s the love you have for a friend, Nothing more, nothing less. It is the most common form of love and this is what the World needs now.

The other two forms of God’s love Eros an Agape are Personal and God should be in the mix in the sharing of these forms of Love. These loves are shared willingly and mutually Not by why of Force in any form or fashion.

Here are the guidelines, the attributes of Real Love we all need to remember:

Click to access descriptions-of-love.pdf

Three Types of Love in the Bible



My prayer today is: May the Reader really take in these words then Live and Love within them. May they seek God 1st to experience the fullness of Love & have any longing needs for love fulfilled. That they learn to truly love themselves so that then they may love and respect others so they may walk in the appropriate love with each person they encounter. That in their seeking an Eros love, that God provide them a match that is Wanting and willing to receive that form of love they wish to share. If not, then move on that is not the one for you. And that they remember in Eros love it’s mutual – both must be in agreement in wanting to share that love (example: a man/woman relationship love) 

May the reader have ears to hear and eyes to see. In Messiah Jesus name I pray. Amen


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