Issue are like Tissues

They just keep popping up!  The same goes for weeds in the garden of the heart and nature. The Good News is: like tissues they serve their purpose and are tossed away.

The nature of things in “any” garden has a season. A time for all things and all things in their time. The key is to have the wisdom & knowledge to know the “timing’ & when things have gone to seed & when to pull the weeds. (as I’ve said in prior posts: weeds do serve a purpose) How are we to “know” the right timing? “Google It” LOL  Just playin’, well sorta. Thanks to the continuous toiling many of techies, educators, & writers in education and cyber gardening, we have access to an unimaginable plethora of knowledge. Some tried and proven and some in various stages of trial and error. Hence, the sorta… We must be careful and conscious of our Choices and Seek Wisdom from the tried and true Master Gardeners. After Much seeking it is my experience the most trusted of those are: God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  In the spiritual garden, the knowledge of the when’s and how to is done by diligently seeking the Wisdom of God which gives us Power & produces Benevolence thru the renewal of our Minds. Benvolence: kindness, kind-heartedness, big-heartedness, goodness, goodwill, benignity, compassion, consideration, thoughtfulness, decency, public-spiritedness, social conscience, charity, charitableness, altruism, humanity, humanitarianism, philanthropism & More… (Love)

In the earthly garden, much necessary wisdom is also found in His Word and thru the science and toil of mankind. After all, God did give man authority on Earth and the responsibility to cultivate and maintain Earth in which God promised: ” If ” done in the Way would provide and produce a good harvest for ALL living in the garden. Genesis 1:26 “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth”  That said, How are you ruling? What seeds are you planting and cultivating as each day goes by?

As we can See by it’s Fruit clearly mankind has not perfected nor been doing the best gardening that could be done on Earth. Like the title of by book, ” Somewhere In Between”, I am one of many who have lived “in between” good choices & bad choices. Why? Due to my lack of knowledge and seeking the Wisdom of God in ALL things. To often operating out of emotions, or lost in the keeping up with the Joneses, and because I have been hard headed operating in the outlook of ” I will try it & we’ll see what happens”  Not thinking of the long term consequences or possibility I was choking out some of my blessings with my half steppin’ attitude of ” Que sera, sera whatever will be, will be, the future’s not ours to see”  Not TRUE!  I have learned the hard way thru much toil and anguish the future IS Ours to See. The future counts on us having ears to hear and eyes to see, that we Can cultivate, fertilize, and develop on the garden given us on Earth as it is in Heaven… a place that bears Only the sustaining fruit of Love.  It takes LOVE to grow a healthy sustainable Life giving garden both within and without. The last few years the seeds God planted within me have been coming forth and opening my ears to hear and eyes to See. The Good News IS: It’s never to late to Restore the garden(s). As I speak, my inner garden & outer garden are being transformed thru the renewal of My Mind.  An important tool in gardening to remember; the quality of your thinking determines the quality of your Life which also affects your earthly garden. The quality of the seeds you plant, the qualify of your care determines your harvest. You cannot throw some seeds out and expect them to develop, grow, & bear a harvest on their own. All seeds (words/ thoughts) within and Seeds planted without require TLC – Loving attention (pulling of weeds), fertilizing (food) , cultivation (the process of developing) , and watering. (spiritually & physically).

As we walk into Spring and the Resurrection of Life thru Jesus this month, may you all consider what you are choosing for your gardens this season. May you Seek Wisdom and Knowledge with all your heart and choose good things that they may bear a good harvest for you and your neighbors. Tip: some good spiritual seeds are in the book of Matthew and some good earthly seeds are: Tomatoes, squash, kale, lettuce, potatoes, edible flowers, herbs, and the list goes on.. check out You Tube or the ever faithful Farmers Almanac for tons of knowledge in the growing of your garden. Not to mention, for all the ways to grow a garden: on the patio, in the house, in the yard, & even on a rooftop!

Take Care and Have FUN in your planting and caring of your garden(s)

One thought on “Issue are like Tissues

  1. I am sure Renee, your gardens inside and out will be great again…mine is going to be located very soon in Manor Texas. Going on 89 years of age, it is time for me to go live my last years closer to my young ones. I will be thinking of you dear friends. Love. geny
    My email will be the same.

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