Gave Me the Life I came to Live


Today as I was doing, as my friend says, “my domestic Goddess chores” I pulled out some of my ole tape cassettes. Yes! tape cassettes and yes still have my little stereo with cassette player. LOL  Anyway, I was playing a mixed sounds tape from back in the day and Erykah Badu songs began to play. Some of those verses really spoke not only to my soul but my spirit and of course brought so many memories of days gone by. Both the words of the songs and the memories reminded me of what a long way I have come in my journey of life. How many weeds popped up thru so many seasons and how many GOOD seeds were planted by people many would see as ” walkin’ on the dark side”. Funny thing as I walked down Memory Lane as I listened, I realized how many times those considered by many ” those people – the less fortunate of life” were the very ones I gained the most knowledge and felt the most love. The very ones that planted the best seeds in my heart & that are now & have over the years reaped a lovely harvest within my inner garden. (when I allowed them too)

Erykah’s words reminded me of how much the love of my life taught me over the years thru the pains we shared. I had come to him one messed up young girl, he and his Mom taught me The Way of Jesus Unconditional Love and then as I tried tell him right, he kept choosing to do wrong.  Even though I understood the game he was involved in I struggled when it came to why he couldn’t just get out, why when he realized he couldn’t or wasn’t going to change, he pushed me away and forced me to move on with our child. Back then all I could see and feel was the pain. I see now how much of what he & his family did, in that pushing me away, ultimately gave me the life I came to live. Honestly, gave my girls & I the lives we live and songs we’ve come to sing. His pushing me away wasn’t only to keep me out of the dark side but, was to put the pressure on me to develop, cultivate, and make those seeds of Love we shared Grow. I see now how his precious seeds planted within me have grown & still  blossom every year. More than I could have ever imagined.

Here are a few seeds that have brought me the good harvest of humbleness.

Never underestimate who and how God will use people in your life. Never get so Bougie & all that where you miss the angels unawares. As they do come in all shapes, forms, and cultures of life. Never think one neighborhood/culture is so much better than another; the human condition happens in all walks of life, just shows up in different packages. No not one of us is better than….on a different place on the road maybe, making some bad choices sometimes on what is planted in the garden but, with life/ stuff happens everywhere. Just remember it is our attitude or words that are planting seeds in the lives of others too and with Love all things are subject to Change and growth – to the good.



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