Salt on the Earth

It is the season many in the world are putting Salt on the Earth… Winter has Arrived!       I was having big fun out shoveling snow this morning and putting down a bit of salt on my porch steps. My service for my wonderful mailman who is a kind and considerate man. Lord knows I don’t want him to slip and fall.

This being my first year in my home in New York, I had to google it on how to apply the salt and thought you know others may have inquiring minds on the right way to do that too. So here is the website that has some Great winter preps for your home:

And like our homes our cars and we the people must prepare for winter too. So don’t forget to get your car winterized…winter wind shield wipers, if you don’t have garage or carport buy a summer floater, ya know one of those long mats you blow up and lay on, put it across your windshield & close it in the car doors when it is parked then when you come out you can pop it off and not have so much to get off your windshield. And definitely don’t forget to winterize yourself ! This is great time to spend in His Word..reading by the fireplace wrapped in a snuggle. Or watching your fav programs on the word. Get with a group and have online Bible Study…I have a group going. Send a comment with your email if you would like the number to dial in and join us. Now is the time for layers to include a warm hat, gloves and scarf to protect you from the cold.  Lotion up! your skin can get very dry. Doterra Oils has some great Winter oils.. Check out my website and here are a few I find are great to keep on hand: On Guard to aid in keeping back the germ bugs. Breathe or Peppermint to open your sinus passages, & Ginger to open up your lungs. These are but a few helpful oils.

Well, that’s all for now. Have a Blessed Day, Fun in the Snow if it has come your way and Stay Warm!   Hugs!  Renee’

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