How Bad do you Want It?

Lately in many of my conversations I hear, ” I really want to change this or that but, it’s so hard”.  I get it! I have made that comment as well. Then I really look within and have to admit when I ” Really” want to change something, I do. And it isn’t hard. Which brings me to my Title, How Bad do you Want It?

One of my fav speakers is Wayne Dyer and he has a CD series called ” Excuses Be Gone! ” The title says it all. When we say, I really want to change this or that but, it’s so hard what we are really saying is ” I am not really ready to make that change”.  If we are honest about it, our statement is an Excuse to keep on keepin’ on in whatever that thing is. And we ALL make excuses for all sorts of things. Here are but a few:

1.) I would love to read His Word everyday but, I just don’t have time. 2.) Oh, a Bible Study where I can speak freely would be wonderful but, I don’t really feel like I know enough to participate. (hello, that is the point of a Bible is a place to learn- LOL) 3.) I am so sick of being over weight but, I just can’t give up bread… I love it. 4.) I know I need to exercise and just 20 mins a day would keep me healthier but, I just can’t seem to work it in or I don’t like gyms/walking/ect. – I’ll just take a pill & feel better? 4.) I want to stop gripping/gossiping/backbiting/and so on but, it is so hard. Everyone does it. And we all need to vent sometimes. Really do we? At least in that way. This is one for me that is easy to get caught up in and not realize it until you catch yourself half way thru saying, I am so tired of so and so not doing their part. They act like they are to good to dig in and carry their load.  WaWaWa   These types of comments don’t do any good and in fact instigate and can create even bigger issues. That person you are venting to maybe never even thought of whatever it is your moaning about and now you have them thinking about what you said. 5.) I want to eat healthier but, I’m not giving up my beer/wine/chocolates etc. that is how I unwind at night. (yes for many that is daily)

These are just a few of the ones I could think of.. Feel free to comment back with some of your own.  Why? Because often confession is good. Not complaining but, confessing. Or Testify how you did make that change and it wasn’t as hard as you thought.. You could be changing the life of another with the sharing of your “words”. Think about, how does it sound to your Spirit to say you don’t care enough about yourself to exercise 20 mins a day. To give up a few things you eat so you can “enjoy life” with your family/friends a little longer. And I mean enjoy…many diseases are due to bad eating and lifestyle choices and when you change them you DO heal.  Do you Really feel better and good about yourself when you are bagging on others and “venting”. I know I don’t.

And most of all: Do you hear yourself saying, You don’t have time to spend in The Word. Or more simply put seeking the Way of walking in Love. And more than all the things I mentioned above it is LOVE that we want changed the most in our lives. We want the caring, compassionate, forgiving, merciful Love and we really want to give that too. Yet, in that too, we make excuses of why we “can’t” seem to do that.

This year began with me hearing the Spirit say to me, ” Be Obedient to My Word. It is here you will find all your hearts desires” .  Did I jump right in being perfect at that.. NO.  But, as each month goes by and daily I spend a little more time in The Word I learn what changes I need to allow God to make in me and how The Word does work when you work it. Each week in my Sunday conference call Bible Study I am touched not only by His Word but, by those on the call with me. Each day I find myself Loving myself and others more and becoming more obedient to His Ways.

And each day, I now hear myself saying, ” Excuses be Gone” .  I find myself looking at how I spend my time and how if I “really want to” I can find the time, make the changes, and Be Obedient to His Word. In doing these things My Life sure flows better. I can’t change the things or people outside of me – I can pray for them but, can’t change them…that is Theirs/Your choice..but, I can with God, change Me & My Life.

If you are tired of feeling down, miserable, whatever…How bad do you want to change?


One thought on “How Bad do you Want It?

  1. great news from your side Renee…BTW I decided to lose weight…no butter no sugar and a small bowl of old style breakfast porridge now every day…nothing on it, not even milk. Will let you know if my health has improved. I need to get rid of potential problems I have too many plans after all I am only 88. Shalom and Salem to you …geny

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