Which Way are you going?

Does Life ever have you wondering which way to turn? Guessing the answer from most is a resounding ” Yes “. Next question is, Where do you seek the answer to which way to go?  For years I sought answers from other people, from myself, and cried many tears when all to often the answers didn’t seem clear. I knew from my upbringing where I should go seek the answers and sometimes I did. Yet, all to often I insisted on continuing on in my own ways. Sometimes God allowed me to go My way and more times than I realized he stepped in or sent some of those ” others ” to aid in guiding me in my journey. Praise God and Hallelujah for that. As I grew older not only did I learn His Way is the Best Way, my eyes opened and I started seeing when He sent someone to aid me along the Way. There were times it was total strangers and other times those closest to me. The key is to open your heart, eyes, and ears while at the same time Seeking Him and His Ways. So much becomes clear. I reflect back at times when I was drowning & He sent the boat to save me. Sometimes I jumped in and others I stood on the roof blind to see saying, ” I am waiting on God, I’ll stay right here for now, it’s ok”  Blind because it wasn’t the Way I thought it should be so I thought, ” that can’t be the way”.  Or I got in the boat then when I got to where He wanted me to be, I fell back into Old Ways and still missed what He was trying to give me.

All to often, many of us get in our own way. Unable to see or accept where God is trying to lead us. Stuck in a rut or on the roof. Missing out on blessings, ways of provision, and even people who were meant to be in our lives. Instead we walk along with closed eyes, ears, hearts, and minds loosing out on The Way God planned for our lives. We were not designed to live in a Box. Not designed to get into a rut of samo – samo everyday. We are created in His image which is Open to newness of Life, Love, creating, cultivating, pruning, and willing to move on when He shows us is the best place for us to Be.  I have spent many years seeking ME, where I am supposed to Be, what I am supposed to be doing. Some things I have done were meant to Be and some things Not so much. I have learned from them all. And now I see God guiding me where I know I will be coming into the fullness of ME. I was there all the time…inside ME.  I just couldn’t find me cause I was so busy conforming to be the world’s Me..trying to fit into a circle I didn’t fit into..a circle that was keeping me in a Walk of struggling,often confusion, and unable to rest. Praying and asking, ” where should I be?”  Over analyzing things and instead of living in the moment and seeking Him 1st – I sought the many ways of mankind.

Then when I least expected it, when ” I ” wasn’t looking, when I stepped out of the way..He showed me the Way and the place He has for Me.  The best surprise was: I had this list of how I would love to live in a place that was a urban style tourist city, Diverse with every kind of nationality, affordable and close to water and if possible waterfalls. (they are my FAV) . It almost seemed unreal even to me that there is such a place. And as time and the world grew more & more greedy the more unlikely my list seemed possible to me. This past year I began to pray and say, ” Lord you know my heart’s desires and I will go wherever you say..just please show me the Way where I can BE who you created me to Be.. Then I went to Joyce Meyers Women’s conference ending it with a trip I had longed to take for years..  Much to my surprise, Low and behold He took me to the very place so that I Can Be Me and it includes everything on the list my heart desires…Why? because my heart desired what He had in mind for me all along…the List. A city where I can thrive with all mankind, a city beside the water where the Falls bring me Peace, a city that resonates with Me. What else I learned is ” all things in His timing”.  And the funny thing too is now when I look back I know the places I have been were, except a few, were where I was supposed to be in that season…places where he was setting it up for where he wanted my girls to Be. Now all grown they are thriving, have wonderful husbands, kids, homes & now it is My time to go the Way He has for ME to be fully Me.

Open your hearts…seek God 1st. Allow Him to show you The Way in this journey of Life. His way is The Way where it all turns out to BE exactly what it was meant to BE.  If you listen to that still small voice, you’ll know in your heart, mind, and spirit that you are on The Way that is meant to BE.


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