A New Day..

Everyday is a new day. Yesterday gone & tomorrow not guaranteed. So, this day, this moment “Choose Good Things”. What does that mean exactly? As the human race has revealed the interpretation of “good ” can vary. Like those that want to “go back” in time to the good ole days. 1st off, you can’t go back..never works to repeat history, history itself has proven that..just read the Bible & keep researching forward..division has done no good thing. Be honest, you know really those times were Not better than today.  Difference was the media wasn’t plastering all the “bad” things all in our face. Nope, instead A lot was covered up and/or people just buried their head in the sand and ignored all the “bad” stuff.  Segregation, abuse, rape in families & out, riots, beatings and dragging people to be hung, slavery, leaving the poor to suffer, attitudes of “I got mine, “they” are not my problem. Inequality in education, jobs, & even healthcare…nope, I don’t see those as the good ole days or a better America..Only the “few” who believe they are “better” than their fellow man, those who believe women & those less than should just take it and keep their mouths shut..be happy with the crumbs you are given, it will be worse if you don’t shut  up. Really, you believe it was better?  Those good ole days were history repeating itself with  wars, hate, greed, selfishness, All God tells us to “Not” do. Nope, I have no desire to go back to haters who shot at my husband and I just because we were a black man & white woman who loved one another. No desire for my inter-racial children to be treated like house _______. No desire to be raped & abused and it be shoved under the rug and nowhere to go for help..just forget it and for god’s sake don’t let the neighbors know…gotta keep up appearances ya know. No, desire to hear about young boys molested in the church and nothing done because it is the church. Poor little children afraid to open their mouths, even the parents shushing them..can’t bring shame on the priests. Today is better, those raped & abused feel the freedom to come out and tell. My list could go on about those good ole days…that were not so good. my view is: Hell no I won’t go..Back.

Praise God, since the 70’s, especially in the last 20 years, we have begun to change, there has been some growth & the love of God is evident among many. We the people are using our Voices, speaking out more, learning & using the rights we have..rights meant for All the people. We are more Integrated, thank God, which has allowed more doors to open to minorities & women. Their are better laws that  protect & serve the middle & lower income people too. ( mind you those are still a work in progress…that being the point, that we continue to Progress.)  All this and so much more has changed and Will continue to change thanks to those willing to stand up & fight for “we the People”. People like Martin Luther King Jr, Bill & Hilary Clinton, Barak Obama, Oprah, Jane Fonda, the current Pope, and a LONG list of others who believe in “loving thy neighbor & we the people are created Equal as One”. Those who Know it takes a village working “together” to have a GREAT country..Leaders who See the greatness & potential of who we Can Continue to Be, “IF” we continue to GO Forward looking at the Big picture. People who know, If we operate in Love not division & greed that is “the way” we Will be Great. Choosing Good Things should be making choices for the betterment of mankind, to uplift & edify one another daily, get to know our neighbors, not pass judgment when you haven’t even shared a word and know nothing about someone.

People “a house divided cannot stand”…we cannot have a leader that believes we are not great, who wants to go backward not forward, who is hot headed, over emotional, & clearly has shown he is all about Me & those who support Me . He is Not for the Majority of the people, those of whose backs this country was built on. A majority of who are minorities of all races, creeds, & religious backgrounds..Hello..that is who America is founded on & what does make us GREAT! We do not want to be a country divided, constantly at war, controlled by a dictator. That is what our military go off to war and fight against..what we are trying to avoid!  It was our forefathers vision to Unite, our Father God’s plan to Be ONE, loving one another as His Son gave His Life to teach us..that Love, His Word was for ALL mankind. Jesus vision is still for us to Love our neighbors as ourselves. I have to ask those who are supporting this bully, Do you hate your fellowman, yourselves & want to commit a slow suicide? To go back, to make a choice of following a leader insighting racism, determined to Divide this country will do exactly that. You perceive things are bad now, his way will take us down, down, down.

You may be saying, Hilary is not perfect…that is true, No not one of us are perfect. But, her heart is for the people, her plans are to the Benefit of All mankind..always has been. Check it out, if you will take the time to do your research “yourself”, you will see all she Has done over the years; fighting for “we the people” for our children (who are the future). Then research all she desires “to do”-  you would be blind not to see…she is for Us, all of us, to her death..with Her we Can continue to grow, make changes to the good, walk together lifting one another & this country UP!  We can have a future with the Freedom to live a life of  “Together We Stand”  Not one of divided we fall.

Clearly, I’m with Her and I pray you join me in that vote.

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