I love my stuff…

Religion often tells you, “it is a sin to love your stuff.” Well, in my opinion that is a negative outlook of life. Not to mention, saying that are you not fulfilling all God’s “thou shalt not”.  Doesn’t God tells us not to pass judgment…that is a very judgmental statement. The book states God abundantly blesses his children. And that we should be Grateful. So, if you got your stuff legally, that means: God blessed you to have a job so you & yours can live comfortable. We should be praising and happy for one another as we grow. We should be shouting praises of appreciation and sharing with our neighbors. When is the last time you got together with your neighbors?  Do you even know the neighbors in your immediate community? Does anyone need a hand?  If you read your bible, actually Any faiths book, you will see, when mankind meets up with the family of God and asks, “Can we take a walk? I need to talk to you. If that man/woman listened to Words they had to say, Next thing ya know, they were abundantly blessed. Crops were healthy feeding the masses, nice homes for the whole family, sharing in the community, and SOOOO much more. It’s in the Book…read it for yourself.

All that said, I love my stuff…in the most appreciative form of Love there is. Many days of the week, I will be sitting reading, cleaning, cooking, watching TV and it hits me as I look up and around just how MUCH I’ve been Blessed ! My heart fills with Praises of Joy, Amazement, Respect, Love, and so much more. Right behind that flows rivers of Loving memories over the last 40 years and so many amazing Blessings that have crossed “my Life’s path”. Then Excitement comes strollin’ into my garden, She walks me back to the present all the while picking me a bouquet of “my hearts desires” As she leaves she hands it to me saying, ” yes, there is more to come, just remember, all things in moderation.”             Yep on this road I take, the past is not a place of doom and gloom but, Instead it uplifts  and restores me. Only when we dwell in the darkness of the past, in the weeds prickling and choking us out, is the past a place to avoid. Being someone who’s gone from “drugs and homeless” to “Clean and on the right side of comfortable” God has shown me, His plan was for ” us ALL  is to continue to transform, grow, and blossom into the radiant beauties we were designed to BE…from the beginning thru all seasons till eternity.

This Love I have for ALL and EVERYTHING God has bestowed on me…will never stop. This Love of God and of My Stuff is From God. It is a Love I will shout from the mountaintops.  ” “THANK YOU LORD for keeping your Promises to providing all my needs, Thank You Lord, for blessing the whole family everyday! THANK YOU Lord for showering me, my family, & so many of my friends/neighbors,with so many of Our wants, THANK YOU LORD for reminding me how this all works… you Love me, provide and bless me… I, created in your image follow Your lead  and “love my neighbor as myself”

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