Giving in the Holidays

This title means many things at this time of year. Giving literal material gifts to family and friends, giving time thru volunteering, and of course donating all sorts of things in your communities or thru all the various organizations at hand. And let’s not leave out giving Love and an encouraging Lift to all those we are in contact with. This time of year can be a time of Joy and Laughter and it can also be a tough time for many in so many ways. On that note, I post today to reach out with some “Choices” in the areas of “Giving”.  I for one have a couple of people who are really struggling financially right now. And one of my close friends has a brother who is homeless. A good guy but, has some health troubles that are holding him down. Another is a grandparent on a Very fixed income raising a grandchild. In many places this season taps the finances even harder due to rising utility costs and the weather sure cuts down on the ability to grow your own food. Since we don’t live close, I was looking for a way I can pitch in for the winter.  Bingo, Love Wal Mart, they are in both our areas and they have a card called a ” Net Card”. I can purchase the card, send it to him, it gives me an account #, then I can reload whatever amount I want & whenever I want, right here at my local Wal Mart !  Bonus point is I can give the account # to anyone who might want to help a Grandpa out and they can go to their local Wal Mart and add to it also! How great would it be to check the balance on your card and find you have lots of Love & a helping hand from caring believers being sent your way.

Another Fun way to give is something a friend on FB posted. You and some friends get together for the season, go thru your purses to find a few to donate, then fill them with items for daily living…chapstick, feminine hygiene items, lotion, Stuff you would like, then go give them to homeless women in your community. And Fellas – you can get together and donate jackets with surprise gifts in the pockets, a wallet with a $20 in it, or backpacks with a throw blanket,beanie, gloves, and socks.

Can’t afford any of this yourself. Just go share some Love and Kindness. Help a neighbor in need if you see them struggling to carry their groceries, or open a door, or visit with a neighbor who has no family in town. Maybe share some tea and cookies. Give of yourself.

These are just a few of many ideas for giving. If you have some ideas you would like to share please be sure to click COMMENTS and Share. Smile

Sending out Hugs and Much Love your way!

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