Addendum to storing Treasures

Hi, and ya’ll thought I was done with this subject post. LOL

Actually just wanted to make a correction to yesterday’s post. I should have said, ” ask those questions of yourself and be sure to take enough time to answer from , your Heart, Not your religion.  My terminology saying, Christian walk is of course based on my personal choice but, as I was reading my Osho email today, I realized I shouldn’t have come across so narrow. I don’t walk narrow, so I should not give the impression I do. The questions in the 1st post apply no matter the walk you have chosen. We all have chosen a “walk” & that walk will take us down different paths during each season, until we finally reach the ultimate garden. That is one thing Life has taught me well and a reason I believe God says we are not to judge others…  you never know when you are entertaining angels.  smile

Ok, correction complete!  Watch for this weekend’s post…I am tweeking how & what I post…something I have felt compelled to do for awhile…exciting.

Have a great day!

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