His Word will Not Pass Away

All to often I hear people say, ” Times are different, The Word (Bible) doesn’t really apply to today”  My response is, ” That statement is so untrue. Yes, we have advanced in how we operate in the Word, in our sharing of the Word visually with technology, & we use different words (packaging) to get the same point across but, none the less the message (the Word)  is the same.  We just have media, the internet, twitter and such revealing old ways in new packaging – in other words new marketing techniques & God forbid the any of these should acknowledge where these ” new trends” began” – in the beginning – The Word. If you took the time to read “the Bible” you would see how mankind just repeats life in cycles regenerating & ” recycling” the Word and the Earth that we have been given. If you will follow my site & give me the opportunity, I will show you how The Word is still Alive and applies to ” today’s Daily Living” . ” After all, that is my heart’s desire & the purpose of this website..my God given purpose actually, is to Read and Proclaim (share) with mankind how The Word Does still apply & works when you work it. And don’t fret, you can work it within the trendy packaging. (smile). You don’t have to be a Bible thumpin’ geek to live and apply His Word. And trust me, You are the one that will benefit from the knowing of The Word and workin’ it.  You will grow in a healthy love of yourself and others as yourself, (including the Earth) instead of a selfish love of Self which results in the damage of others. Know this: The seed – the core is the same today and throughout time just as the parable in Luke 21: 29-36 states: “Look at the fig tree, and all the trees. As soon as they come out   in leaf, you see for yourselves and know that the summer is already near. So also, when you see these things taking place, you know that the kingdom of God is near. Truly, I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all has taken place. Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.”

This said, let’s move into a today “trend” – Organic eating & Living. This isn’t something new. In fact it began in the beginning with the Master Gardener of Heaven, God creating the first Organic Garden ” Eden” here on Earth. As said in The Word.. ” Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after it’s kind…and it was good. (Genesis 1:11-12) Now He didn’t create the Earth just to grow and look pretty as without love and care it would not continue to thrive and bear good fruit. So, as in Heaven, He said, ” Let US make man in Our image,  after our likeness, and let them have dominion over all the Earth” (Gen 1:26)  So there you have it – the 1st Organic garden and the 1st Organic Gardeners on Earth, Adam and Eve.  This began in the beginning, and has repeated itself throughout time, it has not changed…I could name many repeater times in history but, I will mention just one many still remember, my time – the Hippie movement, we were all about Love of All things, doing things the “natural ” way and many of today’s ” new trends” once again are just the hippie “trend” (Adam and Eve’s trend) repeated with new packaging and wording. BTW, much of ” today’s trend” is not new at all – not even in the packaging, it’s just today’s generation doesn’t remember the everything of the hippie generation. Another interesting tidbit to take note of: We, the hippies are Now part of recreating this “new organic trending ” and this time we are making sure we don’t loose sight of the original purpose, like we did back in the day getting lost in drugs, that purpose being the same then, as today; Love thyself, thy neighbor, eat “organic” live all natural only this time within moderation & keeping a job. LOL –  BTW, that getting lost isn’t new either…read the Bible you will see where good intentions and new beginnings went off track over and over. You see how Now God has placed it on the hearts of todays generation to revive the Earth as it was “in the beginning ” (God’s plan then & still is) Unfortunately, overall people don’t want to admit it or seek the Originator, God’s master plan so it works to it’s highest good. I am not saying we have to run around preaching the word in it’s original text but, I am saying give ” props where props are due” and seek Him in the Revival of what Your inner Spirit is telling you..We, mankind do still have dominion & must still care for and take care of this gift, the Garden of Eden on Earth, If we expect it to continue to bear good fruit and abundant harvest to nourish us and provide our needs. That said, doesn’t it make sense we need to seek the Best advise there is on proper care of all Creation? And where is that?  It’s ” in the Book”. Forget about all the Religions created by Man..just read the book for yourself,  for the guidance that will be revealed to YOU. ..you will see for yourself. Of course you can read my posts & others with tools and tips but, it is really best to read the master plan for yourself. I am not coming from Religion I am coming from a place of ” living the Word and workin’ it with all the great tools within it”. In my seeking of Living Life to it’s best..I have read and studied many religions finding the foundations are ALL basically the same… foundations of Love and survival and how to do just that. However, I must Testify & Proclaim, the Word written in the Bible, does carry the Most valuable and detailed tips on ‘living” a Successful Life full of Love, Mercy, Joy, and a long list of other Life sustaining tools, including how to treat the Earth, that it will yield it’s best harvest. (both within my inner garden and the outer garden on Earth) That is why I refer to it the most. Because I have found the teachings of God, the Father, Holy Spirit, Mother and Yeshua, my Brother (my BFF)  (Old & New Testaments) Words do Not pass away and ” His Word works when I choose to work it”.  Yes, I enjoy many of today’s new packaged ways, the new equipment to help (like this site), & yes we can put “the Word” & what the Earth yields in nice packaging and market our yields leaving the “Truth” out of the wording of where it began but, we can’t remove the “fact” this is not a new concept…it was already written ” in the Book”.  If you read Genesis you will see the purpose of all things; the flowing rivers, the purpose of the birds of the air, the beasts of the field, and so on..and that we Man were Give dominion and only we Man can give that dominion away through our choices. Don’t be an Adam and Eve choosing to ice God out & listen to the deceiver of all times.(today’s media) And while you’re at it Notice: even though, Adam and Eve made the choice to dabble where they shouldn’t have – into matters they were not mature enough to handle or that were damaging to life; God was there (and is for us too – Now) to show the Way to pick themselves (yourself) up and work the Earth that you (they) once again would (will)  have dominion of: their inner & outer garden here on Earth. And once again You & Earth Can (will) bear good fruit and ALL things needed to Live on Earth as it is in Heaven…a beautiful garden of Eden. (which is promised in the book)  Is this not what todays “new agers” are seeking & trying to do ? Revive the Earth (Eden) In their going Organic, living the “natural” way of life, creating beautiful gardens and Sustainable living. Is that not the goal? with all the healthy living, meditating on Good Things, striving to save the planet, recycling, growing & sharing in learning to Love thy self and they neighbor?  Hmmmm…yes the wording is different (new packaging) but, fact is these words have already been said as stated above and by Yeshua when he stated the 2nd greatest commandment:Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. ( with The 1st commandment being love the Lord, God  with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. – on these 2 hang all the laws (guidance) of the prophets) Matt. 22: 37-40.

Ok Enough for today, my point is made…may the hearer of these words have ears to hear, eyes to see and may those reading seek ” God with all your heart, mind, and soul.” knowing God’s word does apply yesterday, today, and tomorrow bringing Life on Earth as it is in Heaven… it’s a seed promise written ‘in the Book” that will never die.

I sign off with Hugs and saying: Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads! May you walk in His image and in His Word that you might be an inspiration to your families and all those in which you encounter. ” Peace”

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