Passionate vs Compassionate

Once again conversation with friends about beliefs brought sorrow to my heart & taught me lessons. The sorrow:  how ” the people of church” represent God ” How judgment, condemnation, and you must be like us (so convert) has another child of God on the fence and wandering away doubting God .  My ears listened to how Thru “Religious” misrepresentation of God, of the Word, and of Jesus message, has not one but two I broke bread with, on the path of doubt and heavy of heart while on their journey of seeking. It grieved me how God’s Love thru ” Religion” was cultivating a rift thru the watering of Judgment, condemnation, & Separation.  And I am Not just talking about Christianity, I am referring to the Division Religion is cultivating.  A division that is creating the FALL of God’s Plan& mankind.  As one of my dinner companions said, ” I do believe in a higher power just not so sure it is God” And another said, ” what if don’t believe in God at all”  Ouch.  I almost went into my Passionate Love of God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit Mother but, Mother Wisdom said, ” Not now, not here, this is not the time.  This is a time for Love to shine thru a compassionate, passive voice”  This had me almost speechless as I AM Passionate about my BFF, Yeshua, always hoping my passion shines enough to bring that person along on the road saving them some struggle along the way. Yet, sometimes I am learning my passion comes across to strong too. But, those of you that know me also know passive is not my strong suit. LOL Thank God you also know I mean no harm and am not judging, I am just passionately in Love with Jesus.  Anyway, I did manage a passive voice (I think) and asked ” Is it you doubt God or is it           ” Religion” ? After some conversation, my one dinner companion said, ” I don’t have a problem with Jesus” and it became clear as she spoke is with how mankind has presented God thru Religious misrepresentations. It has been the incomplete verses shared that my companions found uncomfortable  and not wanting to join the “church club “. Yes, church club which is how it presents when the church comes across as” you must convert and be like us to worship, know Jesus, and hang out with us. I totally get it, I do not have a set ” church home” myself because of this. So far I have found instead of Loving ALL God’s children and accepting them just as they are, when it all comes out I can only be accepted IF I agree and join the “club” in which I am attending.  My issue with this is: This is NOT the calling or teaching of Jesus, so I pop in occasionally enjoy some fellowship, some good gospel music, and move on in my Journey with Jesus. I do this knowing He is keeping me on that path of Loving ALL God’s creation & enjoying the beauty of All His children. I am so thankful He used those of Many faiths & Non Believers to transform and heal Me. It took His chosen from almost all the faiths to transform me and He still uses His Children from all walks of life to teach me about LIFE and about the True attributes of His Love and the Power of that Love. These beautiful friends/ angels He used brought me to my wonderful relationship with Yeshua (Jesus). Sometimes I forget and take for granted the Solid relationship I now have, with my BFF, Yeshua (Jesus). I am thankful for the fact that I can go fellowship with God’s children, no matter the path they are on, ” without ” the concern of doubt creeping in or my wandering away from our relationship EVER being an issue. What I have to remember, is not to forget were I came from and all the confusion I was in while on the seeking part of my journey. Where I too was a doubting Thomas due to mankind’s views planting seeds of doubt & pain because I just couldn’t fit in.  It wasn’t until I stepped away from mankind and sought God with all my heart, mind, and soul I found the Truth of His Love and was set Free from the Chains of Division.

That Truth was in the Words of God found in all the books of mankind. It was in my seeking I found Yeshua (Jesus) and His unfailing, unconditional, merciful teachings of LOVE  that my eyes were opened and I could hear what He alone had to say. And trust me it is NOT words of division but, instead His words are calling us ALL into the Oneness of God’s Love.

Now don’t misunderstand my words. I am Not saying Christianity is not the ticket or any other faith is the absolute ticket. Again as far as a Religion, Jesus, the man, was a Practicing Jew who came to bring Clarity to God’s Plan, to His Word, and God’s way, The Way of LIFE. Jesus himself said, he did not come to change One Dot One Tittle of God’s commands (Matthew 5:18).  The Disciples too were Reformed Practicing Jews taught by Jesus that they might open the eyes of Israel and the eyes of those Gentiles circumcised of the heart into the family of Israel.  (Romans 2: 28-29: For he is not a Jew who is one outwardly, nor is circumcision that which is outward in the flesh. 29 But he is a Jew who is one inwardly; and circumcision is that which is of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the letter; and his praise is not from men, but from God.As jesus said, ” the Jew is the one circumcised of the heart“). God knew and knows their are various forms of worship & cultural traditions would play a role in our believing, which is why Jesus said all things lie on these 2 commandments: Matthew 22: 36-40 Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’[a] 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[b] 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.

Christianity would like to teach there is No law anymore. That is Not how or what Jesus taught…He came to bring clarity to the Law and what blessing and benefits come with living in the LOVE of the law. The reason the commandments were given was due lawlessness in the Kingdom on Earth. Due to man Not taking authority in a “righteous” manner and Living in within the righteousness of the wholiness of LOVE.  Man was a spoiled lot and needed guidance and even then their ” selfishness” hardened their hearts to the point that God GAVE his Son who was Willing to sacrifice His place at the right hand in God’s Kingdom & be the Lord of this Kingdom on Earth. Willing to share the Wholeness of LOVE so we his brothers and sisters might Listen and Learn thru His Literal visual and physical LOVE the Life giving Power of LOVE.  His hearts desire being that we on Earth live as created, as a people distinctly different & well able to cultivate a garden Community walking in the attributes of LOVE. Love that is blessing ALL God’s children, turning sorrow into Joy, transforming dry bones being choked and bound by weeds in the inner garden into Life giving seeds bearing enough good fruit within the inner garden to share with family and your neighbor. Not to be shared with just the neighbor that is Just like you but, with any neighbor brought alongside you in life’s journey. I know this morning why Mother Wisdom tapped me with the words, ” careful, passive now, compassion and Love are the answer ” It is Not my place to pass judgment and I do Not want to present that way, there is more than enough of that going around that is half the problem. It is not my place for my passionate Love for my BFF, Yeshua to be shoved down my neighbors throat. Yet, it is my place to LIVE the Love He gives me, it is my place to Let that Love shine thru me, to Testify how and why I am so filled with Joy, why I Love ALL God’s children and Pray they come to know the True Love of God that the weeds of judgment DIE . It is just as damaging to for those disillusioned with ” Religious folks” to pass judgment and pull away as it is for ” religious Folks ” to condemn closing the door on those who don’t fit in your view. Two wrongs do not make right…we must guard against the enemy of comparison and allow LOVE to guide us in it’s way in all things..serving one another as we give TLC to the inner gardens of ourselves and our neighbor. And if you can’t agree in LOVE , be cordial if you pass each other on the road, agree to disagree & just don’t join in on the road down Misery Lane by sharing seeds of the same behavior just in a different package.

Bottom Line: NO ONE should live without Love – it is what heals and frees us ALL.

Please know this sharing was written because I am Blessed to share time with so many of God’s beautiful creations and I enjoy the variety of mankind he has created. I want only Love to flow and to be able to share and Grow in Harmony Even If we may not agree in this moment on how the garden should grow I pray we can still cultivate the garden together and the result be ” the Good Fruit of Love, Life, and Joy ” not Pain, Misery, and Death.

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