On Time ALL the Time

This title is part of something I say often. The beginning being ” God is “….on time all the time.

If you don’t already notice this often and agree, slow down and really look at what is happening within your day. Pay attention to the people you interact with, what has been said during your day. Not just to you but, what seeds were planted within you from the Words said to and around you. Notice the signs that your body gives you. The messages of nature around you.  Have your memories ever shown you new things – new realizations about yourself and others? I believe when we do have realizations, new growth in our lives, and new people in our lives..that is God being on time all the time meeting our needs at that moment.

Example:  I have been thinking and telling myself, ” you have got to start some form of exercise at least 20 mins a day, for your own good”. It is not something that comes easy to me. Although, I do like walking. Then my daughter, who is not jumping up and down to begin exercising either, made the comment how the cold weather has the whole family eating more and it is not helping one bit with her weight.  After sleeping on it, I got to thinking about why I procrastinate on getting started when I do Love walking and that is good exercise. My mind went from there to what excuse do I have, I love eating & even cooking more and more the older I get and it darn sure isn’t the cold weather. I live in San Diego where the weather is perfect most all the time…It is mid November and I was at the pool today swimming and tanning. And always great for Walking! Then it hit me, many things create the desire for comfort eating but, a couple jumped out at me…Boredom because we are not being active and anxiety because we are bored and not being active. LOL   Being active doesn’t mean you have to go out running all over town, being bored doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to relax. But, another thing I say a lot and need to listen when I say it is, ” All things in Moderation”. Meaning I need to take this “sign” which is On Time and Do what I know is right. This led me to this post and my verses to tie in to this moment are: 1 Corinthians 6:12:  “All things are lawful for me,” but not all things are helpful. “All things are lawful for me,” but I will not be enslaved by anything.”   As I read on in my 70’s Bible, The Way”  I had to laugh as once again God was on time with verse 13: ” For instance, take the matter of eating. God has given us an appetite for food and stomachs to digest it. But, that doesn’t mean we should eat more than we need” .  In the reading of that verse the next thing I heard was the Spirit Wisdom saying, ” and have you noticed when you over eat your body does Not digest it well? ”   It is when these revelations and reminders from the Spirits wisdom enter our minds and hearts that we should take heed and obey. It was on that note I pulled my stepper out of the corner and committed, once again, to daily walking in some form or fashion for 20 mins.a day. So, thanks to the seeds of my daughters words, my spirit was reminded to practice what I preach, All things in moderation and that I do Not want food to have such a grip on me that I am a slave to it.  That doesn’t even sound good to my ears much less my inner spirit. Now I ask you, does food or procrastination or both have a grip on you?  Or is it something else you desire to be set free of? If so, won’t you join me in my new mantra:

” I am a strong person and I AM well able to break free of (fill in the blank) grip ”

I am not saying stop eating, go on some crazy diet that is self defeating, or turn into an exercise junky. What I am saying is, Moderation is the key and let’s let it unlock the chains that bind. Eat moderately, what you need – not till you are Stuffed. Exercise moderately, 15-20 mins a day walking, dancing, swimming, Tai Chi, Yoga, heck chair exercises … you will feel freedom being restored within, of this I can testify, I remember & I am thankful for that too..that I remember that is, how good I feel when I walk in “the way” of moderation and listen to that still small voice within trying to tell me, ” all things lawful may not always be helpful”  BTW, though food or procrastination maybe not be what binds you – these tips apply to whatever steals your Joy and your Freedom to really Love & Live Life!


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