3 Keys to Life

1st I want to Praise & give Thanks for the Rain we had here in San Diego this weekend. Like I always say,

” God is On Time all the Time ! ”

2nd: Yesterday I didn’t feel well at all, not physically or mentally. My sinuses were jacked up and I had some inner struggles going on, chains in an area of the past that I just wanted to go away – for good.. But, No it wasn’t to be that way – not this day anyway. Why? Because instead of practicing what I preach, I chose to take the road of I am only human (a lie ), & instead take to my bed, moan and groan, while getting lost in mindless movies…which BTW were no help at all.

This morning when I opened my eyes I heard my brother Yeshua say, “OK, enough, get up, wash those blues away, and come have coffee with the family. Now We have a few things to say” (speaking of the family of God)  I listened, setting my Clove coffee to steep, I jumped in the shower & upon stepping out I realized I felt 75% better. Just like that, I really did feel like my blues went down the drain.  As I grabbed my coffee & my Bible I could hear the birds singing, noticed the trees looked perky, and thought  “what a beautiful day after the rain”. Funny, San Diego & I had experienced a wash of restoration together & we both were experiencing the Joys of a new day. Then low and behold what Words did they have for me today, the verse (Psalms 30:4) about “weeping may go on all night but, in the morning there is joy.” Just after that , I heard Mother Wisdom say,” Life is not nearly as hard as so many make it out to be. When those feelings come remember this:                   All of creation thrives and survives on 3 things: Words which are the seeds of Life, (as a man thinketh so is He) Water, ( the food which without it all things Die) & LOVE ( the strength giving fertilizer – the heart beat of Life)”

This made me stop and think a moment about how True that is. How simply my day and night could have had much less pain. IF I had chosen instead to seek the life giving new seeds found in His Word (like Psalms chapters 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, & 30)  the moment my inner garden begins to struggle. You know that moment you feel like you are being choked out by the Weeds of the World within your mind. I took another sip of coffee and thought , Yep, Instead of taking to my bed, IF I had made a cup of Calming tea (which is mostly water) , taken a nice Hold steamy bath (more water) added a dash of Eucalyptus oil, and put on some soothing music of the Word. Just like that,  I would have had physical relief with my sinuses and mental relief for my mind. And last but not least, IF I had reached out to one of my many Angels He has blessed me with to have as friends, then their  Love could have done it’s magic in the final tending of my garden both inside and out.  Fact is even if I didn’t feel like talking I could have chosen to Write down my troubles and my Blessings, a simple method of release I’ve learned, which always brings to Light the Love that’s all around me Just waiting right there to hold and to comfort me.  As quickly as those thoughts ran thru my mind I heard the Father say, ”  ” Well said my daughter, now don’t forget it”

That made laugh and say, “I won’t & as a reminder I will I will print this post for me today.”

Yes, all to often we choose to make things much harder than they really are. We choose to ignore the simple tools right at our finger tips, that will cultivate, heal, and clear The Way within our inner and outer garden.

So, Today I pray: May the seeds of my words & struggles, shared out of Love, bear good fruit in my neighbors garden.

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