It’s a New Day!

As many of us celebrate the Sacrifice of our Lord, Yeshua (Jesus) we forgot all the Power & Promise this holds for US.

Joel had an awesome reminder message this morning ( #575 You have Resurrection Power )

This message is filled with what came AFTER the death on the cross. How Jesus Rose again from the grave and reminded his disciples of the Purpose of His Sacrifice telling them to go out and Preach/Teach The Way of Love and the Power His Sacrifice offers to All mankind who Choose to have a Personal Relationship with Him and allow His Spirit to join our spirit becoming One in the walk of Love. I highly recommend your taking the time to view this message. God calls us to Uplift and Give to our Neighbor, this is a message that surely fulfills that calling of His Word.

Yesterday I attend a Life Celebration of a dear Woman who Love the Lord, Believed and Trusted in His Promises. The service was so filled with those touched by her Love. You could see the Power of Love and it’s abundant Harvest of Life so clearly as those who were touched by her Walk of Love filled the building so full it couldn’t hold all the attendees. Then blessing upon Blessing continued as her service began. God used her grandson to touch the hearts of all those in attendance speaking of all the loving attributes of his grandmother, while at the same time blending in the verses that called her and call us to walk in that same Love. It is and was in that moment very clear that ” In this house (her walk of Love and within her family), we will serve the Lord”  It was a breath of fresh air, a wonderful reminder of how Life & Love between family & friends creates the surroundings of Comfort, Peace, and Joy even upon Death.  The seeds she planted while walking with us, just like Jesus planted, are seeds of the Power of Love. Seeds that Prove        “We can Fight the Good Fight thru Faith, We Can Walk in His Love and impact the Lives of those around us, We Do have Choices and those Choices Do Create the next step in our Journey on this Earth.”  Billie Sue was an inspiration to Me and All those lined up out the door who came to Honor the Life she Lived. Today, on Resurrection Sunday, this is my Prayer:  That I will allow the seeds planted by Jesus and by this inspirational woman, Billie Sue, to grow and bear abundant harvest that I too will have God smiling and saying, “job well done” Because I KNOW that was what God was saying to Billie as she joined him in spiritual realms of the heavens. I pray I may move forward embracing the Life of Love that Jesus sacrificed His Life for. That I walk daily as a woman who Loves Life and all it has to offer. I pray that like Billie sure daily I am reminded to plant good seed in everyone around me. I pray those seeds continue to grow and provide abundant harvest in each and everyone of us. I pray we allow our memories to come forth and honor her Life by paying forward those seeds – those seeds of Love. I pray like Joel says that all those in attendance yesterday were like me, Resurrected to Life by the Love that flowed in and thru Billie Sue and the Word presented at her Celebration of Life.

Happy Easter everyone.

One thought on “It’s a New Day!

  1. That was a beautiful and inspiring post and a nice dedication for Billie Sue. I’ve been calling this Easter, ‘Resurrection Day’. But it could also be ‘Demonstration Day’. Jesus made a promise that he would return and I try to imagine the despair people felt when his body died. They must have been certain that was one promise he could not keep. But he DID return, he did keep that promise! And for those who believed, he demonstrated that their faith was well-placed. What a powerful thing!

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