Joy, Peace, Love, & More Joy !

As we count down to Christmas I pray we All take a moment and appreciate All that God has given us throughout the year.

Especially that of His Son, Yeshua (Jesus); the reason for the season, a Gift for us ALL. For many this season is one and Joy and for others it is one of stress or down right sadness. There are to many reasons to mention why there are all these emotions but, regardless they are true. This year I personally can testify is one of Joy, Peace, Love, and so much more ! I wish I could say that has been true every year but, I can’t. I can also testify of days gone by that I too felt the stresses of the Holidays and at various times down right sadness. And even when I didn’t call on Him, Jesus would show up in some form or fashion to comfort and carry me on into the New Year. So, this year I Pray you are in remembrance of the Best Gift ever given in the season & that you are able to join me in all the Joy and Love that Gift Can bring. But, If for some reason you are experiencing stress or times of sadness Please Know all you have to do is open your heart to the Gift of this season, He will be happy to come in and comfort You too.

Yeshua (Jesus) is the reason for the season so, on that note I leave you saying once again: Open the Best Gift this season has to offer, that of spending time in His Presence, I assure you it will be the best present you will ever receive.

Merry Christmas everyone !! 

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