Knowledge & Wisdom; 2 different things

All to often many believe Knowledge and Wisdom run hand in hand. Truth is you can have little knowledge and be full of wisdom.

Many who are book smart or crazy intelligent in there comprehension of formal education, clearly don’t have ears to hear or eyes to see in the day to day choices needed to function within the world. Why? Because the majority of the time, they rely strictly the world’s form of formal education missing out on experiencing LIFE’s education given by the Spirit of God within you.

Knowledge:  the fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association.  Wisdom: good sense: the ability to make sensible decisions and judgments based on personal knowledge and experience.  Do you see the difference in these definitions? They are closely related yet, oh so different. One is Knowing something gained through experience or association and the other having the ability to take that Knowing and make decisions based on PERSONAL knowledge & experience. Why am I posting about this? Three reasons: To bring awareness to the Fact that one can have Wisdom whether they have formal education or Not, because the Spirit is telling me to share, and because I wanted to let you know the purpose of my posts is that you might gain Wisdom through the seeds of Knowledge shared.  I am part of the I AM yet, like most of you, a work in progress by no means perfect. Therefore, I am in hopes you will click the COMMENT tab & share your seeds of knowledge and wisdom on my site. My posts & your comments of knowledge, are both information tools that myself & other readers can utilize or Not.  I don’t know how much you are noticing but, the world today seems to be bearing more weeds than fruit and the Only solution is pulling the weeds thru the sharing of good seeds, that they might bear good fruit in the lives of our neighbors. One thing Life has been and is still teaching me is: formal education” Knowledge” , may or may not Grow and gain Wisdom & Knowledge alone can bear a much worse ignorant behavior than the ignorance of those with No formal education. I have also learned as a seeker one must have an open heart and willingness to sit in the presence of All God’s children that we might then use the wisdom revealed to choose the good seeds of knowledge that your neighbor has to share. And even though you may have to agree to disagree on some seeds of knowledge, we Do ALL have knowledge to share. None of us Know everything and we ALL are ignorant about something as         “no not one of us is perfect”. Good seeds are a blessing shared that can then be planted & cultivated in your garden so that the Wisdom of the Spirit can & will be revealed bearing the fruit You need to know and apply that is Best for YOU in this moment. Wisdom is Not a given nor given at the same time to everyone. Just like what is good for your body may or may not be good for your neighbor.  We must remember we are not clones nor intended to be; we are ALL created unique individuals, different DNA, different finger prints, different Minds, Bodies, and Spirits..each with a purpose on Earth and in This Life.

Well, enough planted from me today, now it’s time to work not only to pay the bills but, that I continue to grow both in Knowledge and Wisdom. Shalom, Peace, & Salat

May your decisions be from the seeds of Wisdom gained both by personal knowledge from God and “by the experiences” gained in day to day Life amoungst your neighbors.

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