Clear the Clutter

Do you look around you and think, “Lordy, I need to clear out some of this clutter in this house?” Guess what! The place to begin that clean up is within You!

Your outer house is a reflection of your inner house. So, if your mind is overloaded, full of Stuff both necessary and unnecessary, it will flow out into your surroundings. You say, “No, it’s because I have no time” Well, all that running to and fro with stuff you think you have to do determines how much TIME you have. You are the One choosing what seeds to cultivate in life which form roots within your inner garden. And it is a proven fact, We Can dig up the root of things and plant new seeds that will create new roots bearing new fruit that brings Change both within and without. Yes, it takes a bit of time but oh it is soooo worth it!  So, you want to Clear the Clutter in your life? You must be willing to give some TLC to your mind and the inner garden of your heart. Good roots must be nutured (nuture: to feed, protect, and support) so they grow down deep 1st then Grow UP seeking the Light that will then develop the hybrid Best of His seed planted within you.

Step One:  Clean up and Clear out the Mind. Once again: get out some paper OR have a seat with your computer and create 30 pages with these columns;  a.) NEEDS, b.)HEARTS DESIRES, and c.) OTHER STUFF.  Now set aside 20 mins (or more if you want) at the End of the Day, reflect on your day, & jot down your findings in the appropriate column. Take a moment to think before you Jot down your thoughts…was it a “true” need required of your day? What ARE your heart’s desires? (those things that are ever present within you bringing joy when you DO or think of Doing them), and last the “other Stuff”, those seeds which others planted in your mind and now are popping up thru out the day. (these might have been planted by those around you, by the media, or something you’ve read. (like my posts) These are ALL the seeds that the world throws at your inner garden in which YOU now can CHOOSE whether to allow them to fall on the edge of the garden to be blown away and discarded, fall on top of the other “stuff weeds” (from days past) which you aren’t sure you want to take hold a place within you, & those seeds sound good & you would like to find a clear place in your garden so you can water, feed, and cultivate them that they might take root and grow moving over into column One or column Two. Do this assignment for 30 days.

To aid in your sorting thru and cleaning out of good seed from bad try reading Matthew 13: 1-9, 18-23. As always, My assignments are rooted in the teaching of my BFF, Jesus. This parable of A sower and his seeds really packs a light of enlightenment IF you take the time to read it. The farmer in this parable planted seeds in four different types of soil. Only one of the soils produced a good crop. Jesus explained that the soils represented people’s hearts. Showing once again where the seeds of word(s), God’s or the world’s, planted within us is where it all begins. Time and time again “BY EXPERIENCE” God has shown me we DO reap what we sow within our inner gardens and that He did give Me the authority and free will choice to Choose what seeds fall & take root in the inner garden of my heart.

Should you Choose to accept this assignment you will find at the end of the 30 days, not only has your mind pulled some weeds clearly space already in your garden but, you now have a good choice of seeds to begin replanting your garden and a much clearer picture of what you want in the outer landscaping of your garden too. You simply can’t organize and shed unneeded or unwanted things in your outer surroundings when your mind is too full of clutter. It will only result in procrastination of stopping, starting, and creating more clutter cause your mind is so full of weeds it can’t Choose! This now creates frustration, which breeds depression, which breeds more stuff and weeds growing all around you Choking YOU out. Stop and accept the assignment!

FREE UP some Space within and you will find now you can clear some space without too!

Keep watch for Step Two in 30 days! …which you guessed it, will only work if you worked Step One. SMILE


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