Who do you say you are?

Morning! In my readings and viewings God keeps bringing to my attention, “Who do you say you are? Do you know who you are in the I AM? I often listen to Wayne Dyer’s videos & this one really tapped the door within. As part of our fast, I recommended we Only view things that bring awareness, good knowledge, and things that uplift you within and without. Since the fast started, I have been drawn to Fred K Price Jrs 6 sermon series on “New Creation Righteousness” & one by A.R. Bernard sermon on “Made in God’s Image“. And then last night Wayne Dyer’s “I AM” meditation, of which I have listened to many times, really sunk in. He has two versions, one is just the soothing music to meditate to and the one below has an introduction by him explaining the purpose and who the ” I AM ” is and our role in the I AM. Usually, I listen to this and fall asleep listening but, last night I listen intently to what he was saying and together, with the sermons above I have been listening to, I awoke this morning with a new awareness to be conscious of who I say “I AM”.  In my prayers this morning the Spirit said, ” pay attention from both a place of what you are creating with my words and especially the words that follow I AM ……   As you know I Am a strong believer in “as a woman/man thinketh so is she/he”. Which strongly brought the question in my daily Words,  “who do you say you are in God? – in God’s creation?”

On that note, my post today is the recommendation to go to You Tube watch and meditate on the words and with this video. Then tomorrow go to You tube and search for the sermons listed above and watch them the remainder of this week beginning with       “Made in God’s Image” .  I will be very surprised if these don’t tap and transform your inner I am, how you speak about yourself and in this change you will create a new outer garden which will bear good fruit for all without as well. .  Shalom

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