Day 3 of the Fast

Morning! Even if you are not fasting, read on. I think you may enjoy some of the sites and info I have shared. I would love to hear from those fasting, go to: my comments and answer my question: So how you doin’ ? Another reason I ask is because anytime you begin a fast your body and mind do respond to taking things from them. The first few days “can be” trying and you feel like, ” I am not sure I want to do this.”  “Hang in There” , it does get easier, and stay focused on the Fact, you will Reap a Good Harvest.

As I mentioned in prior post, I will be sharing ideas and information throughout the fast. If you scroll down thru prior posts under tab “Lord Knows”, you’ll find all sorts of recipe ideas, seed planting ideas (both for outer and inner gardens), knowledge I’ve gained over time, and some of my life experiences & my 2% worth on some subjects. Some of these I will repost on FB or direct you to within my new posts. No sense in re-investing the wheel. Example: back in 2018 I have a post on the “Blessings of Fasting.” This post has not only Blessings but both a liquid and healthy veggie recipes from the Daniel’s fast. More info on the Daniels fast can be read here:           The home page of my site does some recommending reading of other prior posts too. It’s found under Share THIS, there is little red word, “Related”. I would like to say I know how to do a quick search on my own site back thru older posts but, sorry to say, I don’t.  I love writing but, as my grandson says, “Nanna you are so prehistoric when it comes techie stuff.”  To give you some idea: I don’t even use apps on my phone. However, Praise God for all my tech savvy family and friends who lend the dinosaur a hand when she needs it.

Now to share my last couple of days:  BTW, I will not post on Saturdays as I observe the 7th day Sabbath, a day of Rest and lots more, which will be a separate post next Friday. I started the day with a great Community Chicory Coffee smoothie which consists of 1 demitasse cup of Chicory Coffee, 6 oz. of lactose free 2% milk, 2 scoops of Doterra Trim and Shake, a dash of nutmeg, and one tblsp of  shaved Ibarra chocolate, Blend then sit in the freezer 30 mins and what a Great refreshing, filling way to start the morning. in case you wonder what exactly is a demitasse cup: Demitasse (dem-E-tas) is French for “half cup: This small coffee cup holds about 2 to 3 fluid ounces (60 to 90 milliliters). Then I spent time in Reading in my Complete Jewish Bible – which can be read free online if your interested., I am working on another small book and I was feeling inspired so I did some writing and then went out in my backyard to do my Prayers & Meditate while enjoying God’s creations. The day was so gorgeous I just had to take a drive and park down by the River and listen to the beautiful music is plays as it rushes down the to Falls. On my way home I saw my fav Pho place on Pine was open for take out and decided I wanted some of their fabulous broth for my dinner. Remember it was a day of rest and real rest to me includes limited kitchen duty. smile  I loved it so much I decided to look up the recipe to share with you.

I had a couple of great conversations with friends and ended the day back in my Biblical studies, pulled some info on health and diet for future posts and watched part of Andy Stanley’s “Go Fish”   I looked up and it was dark!  See how the day can be filled with Good food both literally and mentally with very little negative anything seeping in. Yes, I did have a couple of calls from troubled friends but, honestly that really isn’t negative as they just needed an ear and some comfort so it turned out very positive. And that is what friends are for: to give Love during the good and bad times thru Comfort, Mercy, lend an ear in times of need, & sharing things to help one another thru. Since one person called late and was upset after we hung up I shared this & thought you might enjoy this too during the fast:

And now we step into day 3 and off I go to watch my 2 hrs of TV on the weekend: The “CBS Sunday Morning show”.

Have a Blessed Day! Renee’

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