Shall we Begin….

Shalom! Today is the 1st day of our 30 day Fast! Let me begin saying, if the Liquid only fast is a bit to extreme for you by all means, feel free to MODIFY the fast. While the timing of our fast occurs during the same time as Ramadan, it is Not specific to nor does it follow the guidelines of any particular Religious Fast. My choice of timing was personal & Spirit led of which I wanted to extend & share the experience with anyone interested. As it turns out there are some who are choosing to do just that.  In my conversations with some who were interested I found the first week of liquids only was too much for them. i.e. this paragraph. smile  I suggest if you want to modify the food portion of the Fast, go straight to week two; all veggies & fruit, No yeast products and as little fake sugar as possible. I say fake sugar as many veggies and fruit turn to sugar but, that is different type of sugar.

Let me be clear the main point of the Fast is: Too draw closer in relationship with God, to gain wisdom & knowledge, to submit to Love and cleanses our minds and bodies of  the garbage and weeds that are choking out the good seed planted within the garden of our Minds and Hearts.

This is why I am not “telling” or “judging” anyone’s choices within the fast. It is your choice of readings, the way you pray, what you ingest, what programming you watch. The guidance, suggestions, and information I share this next 30 days is all YOUR Choice as far as what you participate in. You know what garbage is within and I know from experience the Fast will bring awareness to all the garbage/weeds that need removed.   As for me in my house, my personal time will be predominately in the Torah (the 1st five books of what is termed the Old testament) as I want to cultivate my inner garden just as Yeshua (Jesus) did in His life. As All of Yeshua teachings were/are from teachings of Torah. So if I want to walk with and understand Jesus, I must start where Jesus started, the Torah. As He said in Matt 5: 17 “ Do not think I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but, to Fulfill them”. You see the teachings of the Torah are tools for living a healthy, joyful, loving life of Love, commitment and service not only to God but, to loving yourself and your neighbor. Matt 22:37-40 – uses text taken from the Torah. see Lev 19:18 & Deut.6:5. One of the reasons for my fast is this; In my opinion, our contemporary culture is obsessed with the latest and greatest, which in turn has led mankind into too much modification and instead are more driven by man’s desires than that of God’s plan. So, I am going back to the Beginning, what I believe to be the Source, with a hearts desire of Restoring my inner and outer life back to its original design. You see I have had my garden 80% there in the past and then let those latest and greatest desires plant things that only ended up choking out the beautiful relationship of Love I had with the Family of God. You see, those latest and greatest “things” are not founded in commitment and don’t last. They can’t. They can only produce the hunger and desire for more, more, more….in other words, Greed & Lust are it’s fruit. That is Not the Love I want in my garden/ in this house. I have become very aware I want what is Real and is everlasting, committed, and produces that same good fruit in every season. As I read recently, To sink into the Torah is to meet the revelation of God as understood by our ancestors in the Faith of Yeshua.  In its words not only is the Spirit of God involved in its writing of the Scriptures, the Spirit is also now involved in breathing Life into these ancient words. When we let the Torah speak, we see our own lives with new eyes.  I personally am not saying only the Torah can speak Life into the gardens of our hearts and minds however, I will say Only choosing Good things, those found in Love, Kindness, Comfort, Forgiveness, Mercy, Understanding, Trust, and Faith can produce good fruit within and without. As everything, even thinking is founded in Words. So to Live and bring forth good fruit it Does take us seeking, developing, and submitting to a a STRONG Committed foundation Only found in Word(s). Because, as a Man/Woman thinketh so are they. So my foundation will be using the tools from where I believe I will find the best seeds for my inner garden. Life and Death is in the Power of the Tongue… words and how they are interpreted, cultivated, and grow are all about your Choices and they will produce the consequences thereof.  Now, as we go forward in the Fast I pray this prayer for us all,         ” May the words we seek to plant and cultivate bear the most hybrid form of Love and Light in our Lives and the lives of All those we interact with.”

Ramadan Mubarak

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