the Fall

Greetings All!! Summer break has come to an end and Fall has arrived! My fav time of year. Perfect temps 60’s and 40’s at night, colors changing as the season preps for winter, and time to wear fun socks and sweaters! Did you growers freeze some summer veggies and fruits for winter?  Praise God while my garden didn’t bear as much as last year, it did bear enough for my needs for summer and some to freeze so I can have home grown tomatoes, squash, eggplant, few berries, peppers, lots of mint for my hot teas, & the kale is still bearing for me to dehydrate some snacks.

It was mentioned to me, “bummer summer is over” and I just am not on the same page. I believe it’s a combination of as I transition into the season of my golden years, I enjoy cooler weather, I don’t care about bikini’s on the beach and sporting that tan. No doubt the fact I lived in summer at least 300 days a year in San Diego/Las Vegas for years, has me happy to be living in a place with All the seasons. I’ve been in New York a little over a year, I have experienced all the seasons now. This brought to my attention the  importance of all the seasons. Fall allows you to walk, hike, enjoy all the changes of nature; not to mention the shortening of daylight gears you down some so you can relax, rest, and be restored. After a spring and summer of rushing around enjoying long days our bodies need a rest & yes the almost hibernation of winter. Rest and sleep are when you heal and your body rejuvenates building energy for the once again flourishing spring and busy summer. Here’s a bit more reading on the benefits of Fall:

I noticed as Fall came into play I found myself reading more & reflecting on Life as I looked thru my pictures of my busy summer. It also brought to mind areas I feel I had some “Falls” too. Like slacking off on daily exercise and consistent time with my BFF, Jesus. I let “busy” distract me. No I am not feeling guilty, just aware these areas I “fell” off & they are things I need to learn how to factor in All year round. It hit me, “really Renee’, the days were longer and it should have been easier to maintain these in your daily walk, not harder.”  So what got in the way?? My reflecting revealed exactly what got in my way: I got distracted with the warm weather running around trying to do everything as if it won’t be there next summer, and made excuses of why I didn’t have the time. Silly, I am not moving again, I bought my house this time and Now it’s time to plant my seasonal gardens to include a Daily Routine and stick to it, cause I’m not going anywhere and I do believe God brought me here to enjoy my Golden years with Him, the seasons, and my new East coast friends. Yes, the serenity of the FALL weather is creating a season within of fears, unnecessary rushing, and the old me Falling off. A thinning of my hectic life in the fast paced Southern Cali.  Just like Earths season as the leaves change and fall, it appears I am shedding too and able to see more clearly.. You know how as the leaves fall the view becomes more clear across the landscape? We humans are created of Earth and Spirit and we need to realize there is a reason for the seasons both within and without. There is a time for all things and all things in their season. And there are three  things that should be a part of each and everyday in all the seasons: as God’s Love, Loving ourselves as God loves us, and loving others as ourselves. In these are All we need because His Love includes All the nourishment, cultivation, and guidance we need both inside and out.

On that note, I’m off to Rise from my Fall allowing this season to get me back on track in Fun times with my BFF, Jesus. Kickin’ it off with my Bible study group in 1 John, 20 mins of daily exercise “at least” and began reading ” A Course in Miracles”  Lovin’ it so far!  Together we will Work It All Out!

One thought on “the Fall

  1. I just read your page to John Ley and he said it was a beautifully written item depicting the good things of life and the positive impact of the beautiful changing of the seasons and the effects it has on you and others.
    Renee, you successfully convey they positive aspects of life and the interplay of other people and personal pets. We always appreciate the uplifting impact of your writing and most of all your thoughts on other people and other things. We appreciate you for the feeling you impart on others.
    Love to you from Geny and John

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