Mom’s: the most important of gardens on Earth. In our younger days we all too often take for granted our Moms and what being a Mom is about. Mom’s are the very definition of “sustainability”: the development that satisfies the needs of the present without adversely affecting the ability of our future generations needs.

All to often, Mom’s are not recognized or respected for their major role in the lives of the new creation they bring into the world. Even by themselves. When we say “yes” to allowing the seed(s) of life to be planted within our inner gardens, we are also saying “yes” to sustaining the life of that new being. In our lack of recognition and respect of this Truth our future generations do suffer. Life experience and studies of families have proven this fact. Mom’s influence most every segment of our lives. To sustain something/someone means to provide for support of; to maintain & provide sustenance/nourishment, to carry the weight/burden of; to strengthen the spirit thru comfort and encouragement.  In most homes, who does that? Did you know that there are more than 15 million single moms in America today? Or that they are currently raising more than 22 million of America’s youth? Does that bring attention to the Importance of Mom’s , their role, and America’s (the world’s) ability to sustain itself?

I can testify, I wasn’t the greatest role model as a Mom, mainly because I didn’t grow up with the best role models…see how history can repeat itself? I wasn’t awful but, I didn’t have a good view of myself or how important my role was in my girls lives so together we struggled. However, Praise God, angels (other Mom’s) were sent our way who comforted, encouraged, and planted seeds of wisdom and knowledge within the hearts of me and my girls. Over time weeds were pulled and in each season I saw the chains of bondage broken and new hope & changes in my life, my girls lives, & my grandchildren, the next generation.  If we all had not chosen to allow those seeds to be planted, the weeds would have taken over and once again history would have been repeated, almost did. I am so thankful our hearts were softened and we all have grown and become more aware and enlightened to how Important Mom’s are in the lives of those they bring into this world. How we are vines that bear fruit and how those vines must have strong roots.

May the readers of these words Know This: Mom’s ARE SO IMPORTANT! You, Mom’s are the master gardener of the home sharing your harvest. You are the roots, the beginning of your child’s life. You are the sustainer that cultivates, comforts, and waters them with your Love, wisdom, and knowledge. Are you one that feels like it is to late, you’ve done to much damage; Not so, together it is never to late to weed out, plant new seeds, and restore the gardens of the heart.  I heard this in a movie once: “Love is like a vine, if you don’t tend to it – it will wither and die.”  This is true both for the child and the Mom.

So, Today Honor, Share, and Show some Love to the Mom’s of the world.  We will all reap the benefits of that harvest.

HUGS and LOVE to ALL..


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