Let’s Walk…

Ya know there are two types of Walks. A literal walk & a spiritual walk.  When you blend them together you are loving both your body and your mind.  A real plus is you can do your literal walk and grow in your Spiritual walk at the same time. Thanks to technology you can listen while you walk. Repeat your mantras which aids in keeping pace. Like the Marines do. smile The results of this being part of your Daily routine bring peace, joy, good cardiovascular workout, and Yes muscle tone.

Helps prevent diseases: 30-minutes per day can have huge health benefits, namely cutting your chance of developing cardiovascular diseases – this half hour of daily walking can cut heart disease and stroke by 27-percent, it adds. “By increasing your heart rate, daily walks greatly improve your overall heart health,”  Did you know walking helps ward off other diseases? The Michigan State University notes that walking can help prevent chronic diseases other than heart disease, including Type 2 Diabetes, and even some forms of cancer. In the case of diabetes, simple walking helps lower blood glucose and insulin resistance, notes the source. Since cancer is the second leading cause of death after heart disease in the U.S., the source explains that getting at least 150-minutes of “moderate-intense” (meaning brisk) activity spread throughout the week can help lower the risk. That’s only about 20-minutes per day when you do the math, which should be manageable for most people.. And a good steady pace is easier on the Joints.

Helps raise your serotonin level and control Anxiety and Depression.A post from Reader’s Digest suggests 7-tips to “get the most happiness from your daily walk,” adding that making small changes to your current walking routine can ease anxiety. Or put some stairs in your walk for a bigger effect. In fact, just changing the way you walk can have an impact on how you feel, notes the source. It cites a study in the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry that says participants remembered more positive words from a list when they employed a “happy” walking style (straight posture and arm swinging) than those with a negative walking style. (slumping)


Like a hike at Hurricane Falls!

Promotes Weight Loss:  You might not equate walking with a weight loss regime, but according to sources including DevelopingGoodHabits.com, “Walking to lose weight is possible.” The source says you can lose 1-pound per week by building “the walking habit.”

Fresh Air, Nature, and a bit of interaction with others – find a walking mate or a group:  Getting a steady supply of fresh oxygen has many benefits, including cleansing your lungs, better mental clarity, better digestion, and even increased serotonin that is linked to a positive mood, offers the source. There is one caveat, however: “In big cities, you need to find a park or garden with plenty of trees and plants to enjoy fresh air. Also good quality air can be found in abundance around seashore and beaches,” adds the source.

So get out there, listen to some Joyce Meyer, Bishop Bonner, Joel Osteen, Casey Treat or whomever your fav is and get to walkin’. Walking with a partner or group…discuss the Word while Walking – sharing your Blessings, encouraging one another, practice verses together or sing Praises while you walk and Bless those around you!  Oh and add in some stairs for extra benefits.. Google it and you will see more benefits of simply Walking 30 mins a day.






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