Buy don’t rent!

I know many of my friends are saying, ” we tried to tell you.”  And that they did. But, my fear of owning as a single woman and be responsible for repairs held me back. Darn Fear…it is sure ‘nough not on your side. The money I have spent having to move due to rent increases throughout my life would have paid for the repairs ” IF/When” I would have had them. And if I had listened, I would have had a home in San Diego with a nice low fixed payment. Cause I moved there in 1974 when houses were affordable. But, I was afraid. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. God stuck by me and provided all along the way. Sometimes that darn fear made me “feel ” like I wasn’t going to be able to survive but, every time He made a way. Not only for me but, for my daughters.

Since the girls grew up I have been saving to supplement the rent increases and so I would have enough to fill in the gaps when/if I do need to retire and live on my social security, or so I thought. Instead, greed keeps driving up the cost of housing and everything else to the degree I knew my savings wouldn’t be enough. At 60 yrs old I got down on my knees and stopped trying to drive and ask God to show me where to fine a home I could buy and still have a bit of saving please. You know the word says,”Ask and you shall receive”. So I made a list of the kind of community I wanted to live in (if cool with Him) I asked that it be a diverse community of all nationalities, at least 50,000 people (as I am a city woman who loves nature), under $80,000 and could it please be near water.  I know, I know…all that and under $80,000. I did say I didn’t care what state it was in, I wouldn’t be that spoiled. LOL  After my prayer, I still only half gave up the wheel going around looking mostly west of Texas. Then after a retreat to Joyce Meyer seminar I felt the Spirit say, ” end your trip in New York.” I had never been there. I listened and off I went. Low and behold, there is where He took me for my house! with everything on my List!  And no fears that God has guided me to a place where I can afford a home, have a nice low payment, all my needs met and the wants!

Yep, Fear puts you in bondage – Faith brings your thru and provides all your needs..Kick fear to the curb and start looking for your house. It doesn’t come out cheaper or safer to rent.. Trust me! Especially, in todays world. If you aren’t able at the moment.. pray, save, and know God will provide! Don’t wait till your 60’s. LOL

Have a blessed day!  Shalom.

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