A Break Thru & a Tasty recipe !

Typically, during a Fast there are Break Thru’s within and possibly without in your Life. I had a Few this past week which led to a biggie. First I was shown several times God’s Love and Caring thru Blessings from friends. Then those led to reminders of my purpose in this garden on Earth. I realized the things of discontent in my inner garden are totally my doing : I let the weeds take over. I strayed away from my passions caught up in the illusions in the world which resulted in the seeds within my heart getting buried deeper and deeper within. Then Thursday night, I heard the still small voice of the Holy Spirit say, ” you have some commitment issues”.  Well what do you say to that?  I chuckled and replied, ” Yes, I guess I do” and then went about my way! Thinking ” I will look at that later” Like so many of us do. You see in that moment I told myself I don’t have time. The Yesterday 1/12/18), God in spite of myself, KEPT His commitments to Me, Blessing me & showing me Love and some relief thru several of my friends. The topper of the day was a call from a dear friend and the conversation we had which I would like to share with you today.

Our conversation was perfect timing which is no surprise, God is On Time ALL the Time. I had such a Wonderful day filled with so many clear things from God. Then KO called and I was telling her about what the Holy Spirit had said to me. After we hung up it made me think more about my ” commitments I made to Yeshua, Father God, and Holy Spirit ” and the lack of living up to those commitments made over the years..  Of course as the mind will do, for a moment I went to make an excuse, is it really lack of commitment or just procrastination? Immediately I heard back, ” It’s commitment – not procrastination as you call it”. Well that said Volumes!
Between that and our conversation about commitment, my ministry, and how God showed me He is using me and Keeping His commitment in spite of my half steppin’ self – all I can say is: “Let the Light shine in”  😀 And on that note, I went off to read my Bible, got down on my knees, apologized, & prayed for God to show me clearer than clear how to get those weeds out for good & return to cultivating my inner in The Way I Know that He has for Me. Including an outer garden like we had before…you see that outer garden sure will teach you A lot about how to care for the inner garden and it’s harvest is all good for the body!. Then Lordy, Lordy once I pondered it more, I had to say, ” I Do have commitment issues! I committed to Him and what He showed me in my Visions years ago and I keep deviating away or putting off the things I need to do to cultivate those visions. (like writing my 2nd book, settling down so I can plant that outdoor garden, and getting back into my heart’s desire – my walk with Jeshua Full On! )
Yep, I’ve been half steppin’!  Even telling myself, I am committed I just need to find the time to do the things He asks.. even saying to you and others ” I have got to stop procrastinating ” ( a deceiving way of wording my lack of commitment)….and NO No – like Wayne Dyer says: Excuses Be Gone! 😀 I KNOW The Way and have been given the tools to cultivate and water my garden Daily. I have walked in my commitment fully before and had the seeds He planted within me to come forth in many seasons of my life.  It is totally my getting caught up in the illusions of worldly things and my lack of attention to my inner garden that the harvest of those seeds shrivel up and all but go dormat. I can say I’ve been ‘half steppin” in my commitments cause that is exactly what I have done. I walk in my purpose for a bit, then make a left and wander off, then the Lover that He is, Jesus keeps Knocking at the door of my heart and I get out the tools and begin digging those weeds out again only to repeat and get caught in “procrastination” (lack of commitment) and here go the weeds again.   Does this sound familiar to any of you. In your walk with God, with your Spouse, family, or with friends/community ? This year 2018, Excuses Be Gone! ( speaking of that: I am going to dust off those CD’s today and listen to them again)  I really didn’t have to ask, does it sound familiar. I have replayed some of the conversations I have been having with friends. Many of us could stand to pull some weeds & work on our gardens. SMILE
Like me, I am sure you find time for that Cell phone, texting, surfing the net or silly things like soap operas. LOL  And the craziest thing is I am at my Best and Most Joyful when I am Living in the vision garden God has shown me & I Know It. Cultivating the seeds within that bring forth all the Love I have within reduces Stress & leaves me dancing and singing praises instead of goofing around wasting the precious Life I have been given.. You see I LOVE Jesus, learning about The Word, Theology, History, Cultures, and all of that…My heart sings when I am committed to Prayers and all up in the tools provided to nourish my gardens. I love nature and being out in it getting that exercise and soaking up not only the energy of the earth but, interacting with my neighbors.. That’s how I met most of my long list of Great Friends — Friends who have become Family.
 I realized every time I do ” procrastinate” (break my commitment) I pull away from not only my passions but, Life itself, my friends/family and enjoying all the things that are ME.. By breaking my commitment to God, I get Lost in the illusions coming at me by the world and I Do tend to close up in a shell with the weeds getting thicker and thicker and my moods getting darker and darker. Lost and becoming committed and bound in the weeds!..I find myself going along with my eyes half shut and my ears just hearing the droning on of what..I don’t even know. I can’t even repeat back half of what I hear cause it is not my passion – it’s mindless conversation.
So THANK YOU KO for that conversation. Thank You  – All of you who have knowing and unknowingly allowed God to use you as tools to clear out the Weeds in my inner garden. It has brought a Wonderful break thru for the seeds within my heart & Now it’s up to me to dig deeper, get back to being totally committed and This time KEEP my commitments to my BFF Jesus.. One of which is my 40 day fast and clearing Out the rest of those bad boys!  2018 Is My Time for Me to Rise and be REBORN into my purpose!
On that I will end this with a Tasty something of my purpose on this website and that is to share Sustainable Daily Living in His Word so you too might LIVE cultivate the seeds of purpose in Your Garden and Be All that You Can BE!
Try this Cherry Berry Chiller: Sounds indulgent but, thanks to low glycemic strawberries and cherries, calcium in the yogurt and antioxidants in the fruit this is one healthy shake for your Fast or just to enjoy as a Snack.
1/2 c. Chilled unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1/2 c 2% plain Greek yogurt, 1 c. frozen strawberries, 1/2 c. frozen sweet cherries & 1/4 to 1/2 c ice. Throw it all in a high powered blender (like a bullet) and Puree till smooth. Yum, Yum. Add a Boost of Fiber with some oats for soluble fiber. Or Chia Seeds (my fav) to give you Omega 3 boost. Need some protein stir in a spoon of natural peanut butter and for a bit of calming.. try 2 drops of Doterra Oils “BALANCE”  ( see the home page for a link to my Doterra oils website.)
Ok.. that’s it for me.. it is a beautiful day and I need to get out of my shell and out in it!

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