Steady, Perfect Progression

Hello Everyone!  The post today is one I received from my ULC newsletter and just had to share. It fit the month and the place many I know are on in their journey.  So celebrate this moment and keep cultivating your inner garden expecting a beautiful harvest. Shalom

The month of July presents yet another picture of the steady, perfect progression that exists in Nature’s workings. During the month, seasonal crops inch closer toward meeting the harvest. At just the right timing, they will be ready.

What comes into our hands as the result of reaping and sowing does not always arrive according to our own timing. And… what comes into our hands might also appear to be far off from what we were expecting to receive.

Nature has its own timing. Progression to a next step and another is continuous.  Development and growth chart their own courses. These are constants in nature. As you can see, the flow of what comes into our hands is largely out of our hands. Once we have planted seeds, we are asked to trust Nature’s process.

In July, we honor the flow of progression and timing. We encourage holding a vision that strives for progress and will bring a good harvest for the seeds we plant and tend to. We honor trusting in a process that has always provided. And we celebrate the gifts we are meant to receive with anticipation and gratitude.

 Today is the right day to believe.
Hold the vision. Trust the process.
One day at a time.

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