Cold Turkey

Morning All !  I want to ask, Do you have any addictions? Before you answer look at the definition of addiction:  “the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, person, or activity ”  Boy, doesn’t the definition cover a lot of areas; chocolate, exercise, work, sex, food, substances, cleaning, and the list can go on and on.   If everyone is honest most of us are an addict (to devote or surrender (oneself) to something habitually or obsessively) in some form.  Now I ask again, Do you have any addictions?

Many who know me would tell you I am addicted to work. Personally, since I am down to one job I feel like I have kicked that habit. LOL  Yes, for 35 years I worked 2 sometimes 3 jobs…I would like to make the excuse it was to sustain myself and my children but, if I am honest that was only a portion of the reason. I do like working and I do like play too which means I have to work a little extra to have the funds to play. I learned from experience in my other life (teens to 20 yrs old) the way to kick a habit (addiction) is when you finally get to the point that it is a True Hearts Desire to Quit whatever. Then to drive it home so you don’t forget:  go Cold Turkey : (Quit in a sudden and abrupt manner). Funny idiom Cold Turkey: it stems from the American phrase “talk turkey” meaning “to speak bluntly with little preparation“.  Which is what I am doing today talkin’ turkey. smile Back in my other life I had drug addictions and a long list of other addictions stemming from that addiction. I got to that place of ” Wanting and Choosing to Quit”  Enough was enough and I had a baby coming… it was like my heart came to life again saying, ” Is the road you’re on one you want your child to travel”  Heck, I didn’t like the road I was on, I sure didn’t want my baby girl to take that route. So, with the aid of my BFF, Yeshua (Jesus) & her father who took care of me, I locked myself in the bedroom for 30 days and QUIT!  Lord have Mercy! That was an experience I will never forget and NEVER return too. Now here I am almost 62 years old and still Thanking God for bringing me thru and Out.  And now here I am realizing Cold Turkey is the route I need to take whether it is a Major or a Minor addiction,  which in my interpretation means bad habits. Like my addiction to too much TV, which I acquired when I dropped down to one job. LOL    When I get off work, I find myself going straight to my room to relax and indulge in TV programs.. when I actually need to practice what I preach; ” all things in moderation” and spend some time doing more exercise and in the Word of God. I have procrastinated in this far too long. Making excuses of I am tired after a long days work. And yes, I am tired sometimes but, most of the time really I am just addicted to my shows. Recently, once again, I heard that still small voice in my heart saying, “really, are TV programs your hearts desire?”  When put that way it really tapped me up, OMG NO!  This made me see I had made another Left in my journey and now need to go back to the Right.  I love the Lord and my hearts desire is to grow in The Way of His Word. I love Me and I have let the physical aspects of me get out of shape sitting & lying down all day. (I sit at a computer all day then lie around watching TV evenings)  My active time is mostly on the weekend.. “Not enough” and as I age I am seeing the Fruit of my actions.  Then my past popped in my head saying, ” You know what you need to do”.  Once again, Go Cold Turkey for 40 days and cut that TV time down to 2 hours a night (or less) & get back to your Habits (not addictions) that will uplift My Mind, Body, and Spirit…top of the list, getting back into spending quality time with the family of God in His Word and 30 mins a day in some form of exercise!

My challenge this post:  Look within..what is your addiction? What are you hooked on that is not to your benefit and maybe even you don’t even really enjoy? Once you see it won’t you join me in the 40 day Cold Turkey challenge… it will be a challenge but, I can testify in the end it is so worth it and Know this:  You can Call on Jesus, seek His route on the journey and He will carry you thru!


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