Eating Healthy

What is that exactly? In today’s world it seems to become more and more difficult to eat healthy. Between the preservatives, additives, this is good for you, that isn’t, ooops we were wrong Coffee is good for you, Oh and we can’t leave out the cost of eating Organic .. it seems it is not a simple task.

Or can it be? ..a simple task that is. Many including my daughter and son-in-law have become Vegan Urban Farmers, growing most of what they eat right in the yard! That is the front and backyard of their little beach cottage. My nephew went the hydroponic route with live fish providing the nutrient filled water. And me I am patio & indoor pots grower highly considering a Garden Tower so I can grow more.  Just haven’t decided should I do dirt and compost like this site shows: $389.00  or should I go hydroponics with This: which is what I am leaning toward since it can be indoors or out. Foody vertical growing has several styles and sizes ranging from $64.95 to $289 to and they have a Soil tower $139.00. Less maintenance and cleaner too, plus the tower is too cute!  All are pesticide Free and grow such Tasty and Fresh foods for my body. There are vertical wall hanging styles at Target but, since I rent I won’t be choosing those. Smile  It trips me out how great tasting some of the recipes my daughter comes up with are. I am finding myself choosing to lean more into her Vegan lifestyle choices as each day goes by. Everything tastes so good I don’t even miss the meat. I am not all the way there (yet) cause I love me some Fish, occasional chicken, and fancy cheeses like Brie. So, like I told her I think I can commit to an 80/20 plan.. 80% Vegan. You can check out some things she makes on Pinterest   This is good food tip too:

And for the best guidance on what to grow and eat…it’s in the BOOK ! Which includes meat but, the Book is not speaking of meats/foods full of fillers/additives/and by products of who knows what.  Genesis 1:29 And God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food.  This site shares more verses on foods according the His Word:  

Just remember:  Your body is the temple of God so do all things in Moderation. Smile

So, I say if you can…join us in becoming Farmers for your home. And should you have moe than you can eat:  Show some Love & Share with your neighbors. I know if I can grow my own veggies/fruits/herbs in Las Vegas these things can be grown anywhere.

Hugs… Shalom


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