Good Morning God vs Good god it’s Morning!

Let me begin with the question, How do you choose to start your day? With a smile saying, ” Good Morning God!” Or  dragging saying ” Good god it’s morning.” These two statements contain the energy that kicks off Your day and continues to grow in each moment throughout day. I like the reminder in the verse Psalm 30:5 it is said, “weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.”  That is IF we Choose to seek The Way of Love, process the circumstances, and move forward and out of what brought on the weeping. It is our Choice what we create in Each Moment, in each interaction, in each Action we take, & views we choose to have as we move forward in the day. We Do have Free Will choice: Free Will” meaning that God gave humans authority on Earth which allows us the opportunity to make choices that genuinely affect our destiny. And yes, human beings  free will choices Do affect those around them. Our energy (the seed of your spirit within) does grow by what you are feeding it and produces that harvest. Next question: What seeds are in your garden? Those of anger, bitterness, blame, resentment, etc…Or that of Love, forgiveness, compassion, the desire to serve, etc. Even saying or reading these words…do they not open your eyes to see the best harvest.  Lord Knows I understand things being Done To You that you did not ask for…abuse, bullying, and so on… the thing about that is: What is Your response if these attributes are directed at you? Remember, you can’t control what another may do to you but, you can Control your response and the direction you go once it has happened. What good will it do you to blame, become angry & resentful? Can you not see those emotions draw and grow into  “becoming” just like the “them”?  And those emotions can’t be held within…then you find yourself planting those very seeds in the lives of others. Unfortunately it is usually on those you love…those close to you that you interact with daily… What’s growing in your inner garden begets more of the same.

I can testify, when I  Take responsibility for my “reactions”then Choose to toss bad seeds to the curb to be washed down in the gutter and Die, Life knocks at the door with opportunity, possibilities, & potential. It is my Choice again whether I swing it open to accept the seeds of Love & promises the Good News of His Word has to offer.  I am Not saying you must accept ” a Religious/Political/Man’s World pack of seeds “. I am saying, ” Answer the Knock of the Spirit breathed within YOU – that of LOVE…seek and accept that LOVE and all it’s attributes already rooted deep within you, Cultivate the attributes of Love so it grows to the fullness of its potential and purpose for Your Life. God did not create robots/ sheep/puppets. His Word IF you choose to Seek, Read, and Walk in it guides you to a life of living in abundance of all good things. Really! Take a moment of awareness..look around & see the results of Hatefulness, Backbiting, Gossiping,Bullying, trying to Control another, & so on.  Then pay attention & see the results of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Mercy, Joy, Peace, and the list goes on. We are the drivers of the bus…we are the gardeners on this Earth…how Your Garden grows is All About Your Choices…and if another doesn’t choose to plant the same seeds…you DO have the God Given Choice to Choose to agree to disagree and part ways. Then continue on YOUR Path planting the Seeds You Choose for your garden and the seeds you Choose to share with those willing to receive.  Together you can choose to create on Earth as it is in Heaven…a garden of Love, Peace, and Joy.. Only WE the People can Create the environment of Love bearing all its attributes. And that is not done from a place of  thoughts & actions of Dictatorship, Predators, and beating down the Good News of Love to have it Your Way. Love Co finds a way to SERVE All Mankind…to Love, Heal, Understand, and Care for the Needs of ALL Creation.  Now I ask, What seeds will you Choose today?

Shalom! Hugs.

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