When did it stop being ok

To be the Fluffy Baking Grandma?  In today’s world it seems Grandma, Nanna, whatever you are called is fading away. Oh and BTW, I am speaking to those over 60 in this post.

Seems she is forgetting it is OK that you are aging, OK that you don’t have figure of a 30-40 year old. OK, you can’t run hard and stay up late. It’s ok if you have put on a few pounds and have some Fluff on your body. It’s OK to be a Grandma. I am not saying sit around and not take care of your health. I am not saying don’t exercise. But, I am saying you are changing, your body is aging and changing and it is supposed to! I am saying we should not be self conscious about our bodies and we should not have to exercise crazy or have surgeries to look like our daughters. We should not be stressing out over wrinkles and things shifting. Instead maybe just go shopping and find outfits that compliment the changes. Not kill yourself trying to still fit into those skinny jeans or tight dress. I am saying there should Not be Body shaming on Grandma! And to finish off my post: I am saying please hang out with the grandkids in some of the Fun “ole school ways”: Color, play jacks, bake, play outside, take a trip to the Library, go camping at the beach or lake, go to church activities and so on. …if we don’t Who Will?  Don’t you remember how much fun you had doing some simple things like these? And these are just a few of the fun simple things kids still need to learn and appreciate. They are lots more engaging than sitting on a computer/phone, watching TV, or listening to head banging music.  Not to say there is a time for that too.. it’s at home when you are with your Mom and Dad. LOL  When we age we typically grow to like the quieter things of life. Share God’s Love, lovey hugs, some quality time…we don’t see them everyday.

So, stop stressing about how you look and just Go LIVE your Golden Years and enjoy each Moment you have in each and everyway!


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