CHILL…don’t overkill

Ya know, in any type of garden an overkill of TLC can destroy the garden. Chill..just enjoy the moment and don’t take life so seriously. We want our gardens to grow and produce the best of the best but, ya gotta be careful in both the inner garden and the outer gardens not to over water, over compost, over nurture. Over watering in the inner garden would be having expectations that stress us out instead of refreshing our day. Over watering in the literal garden will have your plants turning colors and expressing their stressed out too!  To much compost..inner: don’t go nuts with all the new wave ways of maintaining your health. You can mix the wrong herbs and teas too. Know what goes with what and most important Know Thyself! What may be good for others may not be good for you. Like if you get enough sun you don’t need to take extra Vitamin D. Your good intention can have bad consequences when you overkill with “stuff that is good for you”. Did you know to much apple juice can cause kidney problems?! outer garden: same thing…to much of a good thing will cause your garden to suffer. Pay attention to the response of the garden. Lighten up if you see it looking puny, molding, or sagging. Last but, not least “TLC”  Giving Love to your inner and outer gardens is great but, to much attention/nurturing can be suffocating. Again, pay attention and that could mean pay attention to the very Moment. Each day there is Change and situations can create the need for Love or maybe the need to be left alone. Nature within and without can be very sensitive. You don’t want to bury or choke out the ability to have FUN, to Grow and experience Life, to be strengthened. If you over protect and hover roots can’t dig deep and get strong. And you sure don’t want “shallow” roots. Think about what that creates. Hmmmm.

Well, I figure this will give you something to think about. As for me, I am going to cook my dinner and feed my inner garden with some good funky music.. in other words ” Have me some FUN after workin’ all day!”




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