Thru God All Things are Possible …

While “We” may have to accept the things we cannot change, it does not mean “things can’t change and Don’t change”, including people. As Jesus said in Matt.19:24-27, “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” 25 When His disciples heard it, astonished they asked, “Who then can be saved?” 26 Jesus responded saying, With men this is impossible, but with God All things are possible.”   So, see All can be saved.

Now, the questions are; ” Do you believe Jesus words” with God ALL things are Possible” ? Or because you have tried and tried to change a person or hoped they would change and haven’t yet, do you believe the statement,  “we have to accept the things we cannot change”? More and more I hear ” it is what it is and that is just how they are, there is no changing them, you just have to accept the things you cannot change.”  I have caught myself saying & feeling that way too. Which is really kinda crazy for me, as I KNOW a person can change. I AM a person who God changed. How many of you have you formed opinions, cast stones, and walked away? Here are a few other questions; ” Have there ever been times in life that you made wrong choices or lived a lifestyle that was not “acceptable” as far as society goes?” What were you doing as a teens and/or in your early 20’s – maybe even older? If you were anything like me, I REALLY made some Bad choices. On that note, let me stop and give some praise. ” I Praise God there were those that Believed “with God All things are possible”! And that didn’t give up on me and maintained hope that Love heals and changes even the impossible things of man. I am so Grateful that even when many in the world saw me as an outcast, He kept His promises just as revealed in this verse. Jeremiah 30:17  “I will restore health to you, and your wounds I will heal, declares the Lord, because they have called you an outcast: ‘It is Zion(renee), for whom no one cares!’  And trust me there were plenty who voiced that ” for whom no one cares”..ok,let’s get back on track and tell you why am I on this today?  I was having a conversation in which judgment has been made on a young woman based on the choices she has made over the last 7 plus years of her life. Granted many of those choices were very sad for her and down right hurtful to those around her. Especially her little boy, who being a Loving child loves her anyway. Praise God. Now in her mid 20’s it appears “maybe” she is trying to make some new choices that can have the potential to bear “good things”. Problem is, her bad choices have such a presence, that all many can see are the weeds in her inner and outer garden and since it is an Ugly garden the response seems to be; “she is to far gone, she will not change, so accept it and Leave her Alone.”  (leave Her Alone, an awful route to take when dealing with a troubled young person). The belief is she is up to something and her motives could not possibly be she is trying to change for the better. Track history has made it’s judgment and is standing firm….No chance that ” with God change is possible.”  This conversation & the fact I just finished reading the book, “The Shack” well it really struck a cord. (in the shack God brings to the key persons attention how everyday we are busy passing judgment on others & More than we even realize this puts us in bondage and those we interact with.) What’s really awful, God opened my eyes that I stand guilty of this myself where she is concerned. In past discussions about this young woman, I too passed judgment and took the attitude, accept that she will Not change leave her Alone. OUCH!! she is so much like I was. Today I come with a sad heart that I took that route. And a glad heart that I was strongly reminded of how I of all people,  know better. That “By Experience” I Know Change, even when a person is at their worst, is Possible. As a teen and woman in my 20’s, I was a total “screw up” , a lying, cheating, drug addicted, hard hearted angry young woman. Again , I must give Praise that God stepped in with His Angels and those He hand picked to show me some Love, Mercy, and Forgiveness and it was in ALL that “Love” the transformation of both my inner and outer garden Did transform. And Praise God He is still sending His Love thru this young woman, so I can see the new kinds of weeds popping up in my inner  garden. Ones of judgment, which were part of the damage in the first place in my teens & for years just kept burying me deeper in a hole. Oh My, God; I almost became the judgmental holier than thou person that created the angry young Me. While overall I AM as my name means, “Reborn” in Him, I am making much better choices in many areas, I do have ears to hear and eyes to see, and am SOOOOO Grateful for it All. But, look! just like that, I almost got bound up in the oh so painful damaging views and attitudes of “Judgment” instead of showing His Love…like the so much Love He has given to me. Oh, I am so thankful for all those who Chose to Trust In His Promises, who Believed “with Him all things are possible”, who prayed for me and allowed Him to show them The Way to deal with me… I am so grateful they Listened to what & how He was telling them to Love me and give me Grace, Forgiveness, Mercy, and Comfort. For 3 days now it has been brought  to my remembrance, We must never forget the many circumstances that create the angry & hurtful person that we are passing judgment on. And that it is thru New circumstances wrapped in LOVE that change can heal that person too, just like it did you. So, today I pray for those of us that have gotten caught in fear, pain, and/or the holier than thou attitude. Know these are Not a good choices either. Remember why and who helped you make it thru & show that Love & Be that person. Don’t let Self righteousness, fear or hurt take you on a journey where you forget where “you” came from, how “You” got there, & that you too have not always been perfect either….Keep in mind His words, As it is written: “There is no one righteous, not even one – Romans 3:10.  It is amazing to me how & who the Holy Spirit used to reveal a bad road I was taking and stopped me so I don’t continue to cast my stones. Wow, in this moment God brings this verse to mind:   John 8:7  “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone .” 

I see how easy it is to still (at 60 years old)  “get a little to big for my britches”, how we tend to have momentary lapses of where we came from or how it felt when we were the one “cast out”. And how instead of throwing stones we need to be more like my BFF, our Brother, Jesus & instead Be as He is LOVE.. ” showing His Love just as He has showed us so much Love…even when He surely could have justifiably cast stones”  I see how easy it is for words like we have to accept the thing “we” can’t change to mislead us if we aren’t careful. True “We” may not be able to change someone or even some things But, “with God “‘s help and guidance “all things are possible” (even what appears to be impossible) On that note, without mentioning names, I sign off today asking for prayer for ” the young lady” of whom I speak of in this post. Pray that God brings all the right people and Angels to Love & aid in the transformation of her inner garden. Her little boy needs that, her family needs that…SHE Needs that.  Pray for all those who were hurt by her, cause right now they All really need some healing and they need to remember to Trust that  with God all things are possible”.  I mean, Really, Wouldn’t it be awesome to once again watch Love and all it’s attributes, prevail and  bear a good harvest?

Love and Peace to all.

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