Torn by the 2…

Today, I have two things I would like first I thought them totally different topics & how would I share them both without writing two separate posts…I was torn by the 2. I was thinking ” what to do..what to do? ”  Then I hear this still small voice say, ” It is the Sabbath, come to me. ”  What do ya say to that but, ” Ok. ”  As I sat down & spent some time in the reading of His Word, it was revealed to me how the 2 were not so different and they Can become One. (as are all things)

On FB, I posted a picture of myself on my B’day. I commented how I needed to exercise my face. This thought continued on into…”more than my face ” . How I need to practice what I preach and tend to my whole body too! So there’s Topic #1.  The other was revealed in Romans 3. The Words written in this chapter are talkin’ bout the Law & Works. Whether the Law is of non effect or do you, in your walking by Faith, by nature operate in the “works” of the law?

Lo and behold, my double chin and walking in the Faith of the law called me to “work” it out to find out!  And my research began…this is how the 2 became One. I pulled up the verse in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 ” Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body “    What does this speak to you?

To me it says, to walk with God ” in t-His house” I must have a some respect & be One with the rules of “His” house.  Let me wander a moment & testify: I can not lie, His Way is the Best Way — try it — you will see…it will feel like a roller coaster in the beginning…a Wild Ride. In one breath you experience the emotion, “Life is Fun” and my hair is blowin’ in the breeze…But then,  “sometimes”, Life will still take you for a walk down Misery Lane. Never fear, listen as you walk – these time He has something to show you…you will see how that mess becomes a message. Have Faith and Believe the words of Luke 12: 22 s “ I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat, nor about your body, or what you will put on…..”                Notice what it does Not say, ” no worries just keep trippin’ along and as in days of Old, I will rain down every need down from the heavens”.. (As you know He can do that, but, that would not be to your edification)…it Says, “don’t be anxious about “things” in your life…? Think about when you are anxious and out of sorts…what do you do?  All too many of us              ” comfort eat ! ” (not sure who came up with that..ultimately most of us don’t end up feeling “comforted”  Can’t you see, without the law of moderation, where do you think you will end up? I can tell you – with me on Double Chin Lane. Smile

So, on that note: how can anyone say the “law” no longer applies. It takes Faith to work in the righteousness of the Law. Faith is required in both times of Old and Now in this Moment.. so, to have Faith is ” doing ” something. You are Not just be a “duh whatever” person. To develop & grow in His character Striving & Driven to Be All that is within us – To Be All that we can Be will take some “work” & obedience. Which implies there is some fashion of Law, wouldn’t you say?  Without the Law there is nothing to be Obedient to. And Without the Law Life itself runs amuck & things fall apart even buildings…slowly but surely “Becoming” a hot mess & it Does take Work to Revive a hot mess. Read the Bible, there is story after story of mankind living without the law and/or distorting the law to their own liking…which only results in “lawlessness” which equals ‘a hot mess”. As Romans 3:31 says, ” Do we then make Void the law through faith? Certainly Not, yea we establish the law ”  How do we do this? by Living “in this house” by the laws of our Faith. So you see, In this area of my body, I’ve gone astray.             I can not have this!! I am at the beginning of my journey into my “Golden Years”.

It is ” My Time” to Shine…my time to Live Life.. it’s my time for ” ME + JC “.     

OK I am almost finished as this post as it has given rest to my anxious mind. I thank You Lord for bringing 2 into One by the remembrance that ” I am not my own ” that the Spirit of You is in Me, we are therefore, I am to glorify God in my body,” by taking care of what God gave me. To do this, I must be obedient in the “how to’s” found ” in the book”..that work when you work them.”

For me that means a workout ! Both without and within.

As we all know, it starts at the top…so, I’m off to exercise my Face to my favorite gospel song ” It’s My Time”  then back it up with Kelly Price song, “It’s My Time” so I can work it on down…          Wanna join me? Check out this website: & the night time recommended reading of Romans 3 & 4.       Shalom !


One thought on “Torn by the 2…

  1. Perfect verse for what I’ve been meditating on lately! I want to do right and I know with God’s help I can. Thanks for the tdj link too! There are a few trees I’ll need to uproot…


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