Mind, Body, Spirit

“For years now, Everywhere you turn you hear about Mind, Body, Spirit & Work/Live Balance. There is a whole host of information everywhere you turn too, online, TV, & book. The funny thing is, ALL things for Mind, Body, Spirit, & Work/Balance IS in His Word. What we are seeing all over the place is His Word repackaged for marketing to fit the times. Which don’t get me wrong, I love seeing all the creativity and presentations of His Word…a form of co creating with God. Which by the way, is what His Word calls us to do. That was/is part of His master plan in the original design of Earth. God created Earth with ALL we need and created man giving him authority on Earth to utilize and Create in the garden on Earth.  The healthiest things in life for Mind, Body, Spirit, Work/Live balance Do come from the Earth – from the very universe itself..as ALL things operate together in the big scheme of things, including all of mankind.

On that note: Here is a great site to access products and connect with the healing aspects of Earthing: Earth.http://www.earthing.com/Shop_s/1824.htm

Consider this: Kick off the New Year by reading the first 4 books of His Word, reading with eyes to see all the ” natural ” eating habits and healing shown in His Word.  It can be and has been very enlightening to read His Word as I would any helpful book Instead of from the place of Religion…boy, the difference in what it reveals.

I would love to see posts of your New Year’s Resolutions posted…so, post away.  Said in the truth that Yeshua (Jesus) is my BFF, I Follow the words of Ruth as I begin my New Year:

“For where you go I will go, and where you lodge I will lodge, your people shall be my people, & your God my God.” Ruth1:16 Remember: God dwells where man lets Him in.

Peace and Happy New Year!

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