The Wonders of Nature

Serenity Point kick off was yesterday & what fun we had! Three of us showed up and we did “work it Out!”

Funny how God works, there we were fulfilling a piece of his Vision and purpose and there He was revealing a few things to all three of us as we worked it out in Nature. I was reminded that we must Always take time to do the things we Love, take time to step away from the world’s pressures & release what is within, and most important to not allow situations, others, or matters of the World take you from YOUR Purpose. In loosing site it is not only your loss but a loss to those God intends for your Purpose to touch.

Penny, who volunteers in many groups here in Fairfield Bay, is a giver, sometimes giving of herself to much and forgetting about Penny. She said, “Boy being in Nature and just toiling the Earth sure reduces stress. I feel so much more at Peace after this Nature Work Out” Not to mention she expressed how she could feel the Spirit of God with us and it made her heart sing.                                          Sandra, a young woman over 70, was surprised at how much energy she had after 3 hrs of workin’ it out in Nature.                           She said, ” Today was so Much Fun, usually I am ready to just go sit down after being out in the sun and all but, this time I had lots of energy afterward.” 

Yes, getting out in Nature to Work Out does give you Rest, Restoration, and Revives you. It raises your serotonin levels which enhance your mood. We were Created in part from the Earth, there is a Oneness when we get out and interact in Nature. Kindred spirits with ALL that is living, growing, striving to Live Life to the fullest. Never forget without Nature and ALL it provides we would Die. So, get out there Enjoy this Kingdom here on Earth, touch base with Nature and all it’s simple lessons it has to offer. You too will be pleasantly surprised. If you live in Fairfield Bay area come join us in our Nature Work Out & the creation of Serenity Point, a  restoration project in a small segment of the Garden of Eden, Earth.

Peace and Blessings!



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