” Life and Death”

In Life there is death, it’s inevitable. Yet death comes in two forms:  Spiritual death while you are amoung the living and Literal Death, met sometimes before it’s time. Just like the positive and the negative one does not exist without the other.  Created with Free Will Choice we can choose to live in the light of the positive, which has been proven to extend life. Or we can choose to live in the darkness of negativity, which can and will kill us spiritually and often literally.     All to often spiritual death is a result of our relationships with one another.      We as human beings are designed as one unique individual yet, we can only truly function completely within our interactions with one another. That Is how our Creator designed all things on Earth, to interact with Him & with one another that we then might work “all things to the good, in Him who strengthens us”

We, His creations Need to be mindful of this truth and slow down enough to realize Life is meant to be lived in a state of Oneness and Love. When we get in to much rush, stressed out, joy stolen, and caught up in “ourselves & all about ourselves” we miss Life. In short we are allowing Death both within and without to be drawn to us, cheating us of the one Life we have to live.

Our part in this Life is to Respect the Life and Blessings given to us, by our Creator, that we might live Life to the fullest in His Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. In a world full of so much negativity, “The Way” to really Live Life is when we, His people, come together, two or more, in agreement and support one another in His Love.  To do this we must begin by seeking His Light & the guidance in His Word.

So, today’s lesson is:  to reflect on all things Good in your Life. Write down how  you feel when you think on these things?  Are others part of those “good” things in your life? Make note of how often you are “not” alone when you reflect on the good things in your life.  Now:  Seek what Jesus says about these good things and how they can be cultivated and grow, dispelling darkness both within and without, shedding even more good Light in your life and the life of others.   It is in these good things, found within you, that you will find “the path” that leads to the Life meant specifically for you. 

Shalom – Peace

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