One with Nature

During these stressful times, a sure way to reduce yours and your families anxiety, depression, and stress is getting back to Nature. Mankind was not created to live tethered to machines: cell phone, computers, TV, and etc. Our bodies, minds, and Spirits are designed to be one with Creation. We are created from the Earth with Breath of Life (God’s Spirit) breathed in us. Nor is it intended for us to consume so much altered food sources. (I will enter into that subject more in September)

As mentioned on this website: gardening is a great stress reliever. And not just the gardening but, the creating of the garden. Whether it be large or small or even in containers studies have proven gardening especially outdoor gardening lifts your mood. Another mention is the power of Sunlight. Did you know sunlight increases serotonin levels: your natural mood enhancer, increases vitamin D, and reduces bone loss? Yep, Nature and all it offers was God’s divine design for our well being. Not chemicals, light from computers, and isolation indoors. Now don’t misinterpret my words. I am not saying we should not have respect for the pandemic we are going thru. I fully believe we should were masks & social distance especially indoors. However, it is proven outdoors the virus is not spreading as easily, when you respect social distance guidelines. I say at least 12-20 ft. apart. At the end is another site with some good info on distancing. Notice how outdoors there is less risk? Ya think God is trying to guide us back to The Way that most benefits us? No, I am not saying God has brought a pandemic on us. I am saying, during all this, one sure thing being revealed is God’s design is much more beneficial to our lives in every area of Life. Love heals not division, Sun lifts our moods & too much indoor isolation drags us down, gardening, hiking, camping, star gazing, Earthing, and eating fruits/veggies all give us stronger immune systems and avenues of stress reduction. Here is an “all things work to the good” benefit of the isolation we experienced from March to June: it cleansed the air & water in our rivers/lakes/ocean. (see my prior posts for more info on that) So you see, mankind and the Earth must operate together as One to sustain Life. We must protect Nature, care for the Earth and not allow Greed to strip the Earth of it’s ability to sustain All of mankind. Part of that is getting outdoors and staying healthy so we can then keep the Earth healthy by tending to it as God originally designed.,-God-Sustaining

I know lots of parents are feeling overwhelmed right now. Make sure you include some outdoor time daily. Even if it is just take a walk, check out all the things in nature together as you walk. Trust me it will benefit all of you and bring better rest at night. Some of my kids and grandkids fondest memories are our outdoor activities. Going to park, walks around the neighborhood, at the beach, camping in the mountains and hiking. Another nice outdoor activity is Meditating outdoors. Yes, Outdoor activities should be a part of school requirements even when home schooling: This site has lots of fun tips. and living in cold zones is no excuse bundle up and have fun! I know it doesn’t sound much fun but, shoveling snow is good exercise too. LOL It must be done and kids need to learn responsibilities for when they become an adult. You can make chores Fun and you can all do them together. It is done quicker and you can spend some quality time teaching Life skills. Check out these fun tips on My kids are grown but, I enjoy these too.

So, get out there and enjoy Nature. Grow your own veggies. Not only will you reduce stress your work will produce healthier veggies for you and yours. It’s time to prep for growing Fall foods such as Kale, Spinach, Lettuce, and much more. This site tells you the top 10 veggies to grow in the Fall. BTW: you can grow these in containers on the patio or in sunny spot with good ventilation indoors too. I am growing a FIG tree indoors!

Ok, I have share a bundle of info and now praying you check it all out and reap the benefits of my posts. My you all stay well and be safe.


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