This page is designed for you to share your testimony (should you be so inclined).  I have no doubt all of us would love to hear where you have been in your journey thus far. Just add your story in the “Leave a Reply” box below.

I’ll start us off here:

Over the last 40 years, the Holy Spirit, Mother has revealed how LOVE welcomes ALL and a house divided does  not stand…how life on earth was created to be as it is in heaven – which is not divided but, instead, walks in the fullness of LOVE and all it has to offer. How it is NOT our place to Judge how God, our Creator, will guide us in our journeys or when that takes place. I am a living testimony of how my seeking God took me down various avenues of faiths with many twists – even times of walking in no particular faith – to bring me into a Very Personal and beautiful walk with God, My Father, the Holy Spirit, My Mother,  and my BFF, My Brother Jesus. I now know I am on the road planned for Me which includes this site of sharing which, I pray, assists its readers in their journey.

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